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    TDI fuel pressure issues

    been having some issues lately. Coil light randomly comes on with limp mode when starting up . Happened randomly few times a month ago then went away but thid week has become frequent .it goes away when car is restarted sometimes or just when car been parked for bit its like nothing happened...
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    Close thread

    Close thread
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    Coil light flashing/ limp mode

    2.0 tdi gt(crbc) @ stage1 165k miles With vcds fuel pressure sensor error G247 Seems to have gone after clearing the code twice
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    Loud thud sound from front left over random potholes

    Problem was actually the front right control arm even though could hear from left which was strange the bush was non existent and metal had grinded a few cm off against the subframe when going over bumps
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    Coil light flashing/ limp mode

    Recently when been starting car up intermittently past 2 days its been going into limp mode with coil light flashing but as soon do a restart of car it goes off and can drive normally no sudden power loss or anything running rough. Which happened few months back with fuel module unit ...
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    Loud thud sound from front left over random potholes

    I dont try make it happen 😅 i mean its intermittent over bumps No sign of any scuffs or anything there
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    Loud thud sound from front left over random potholes

    Seem to have an issue when going over pot holes or bumps a very loud thud comes from front left wheel area. Had a quick Check everything was good including alloys. The sound is always the same and only occurs over potholes or bumps even very small ones at low speeds I can repeat the sound...
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    Tyre width

    I currently have a mk7 2.0 gt tdi bluemotion My old alloy cracked Found some audi a5 alloys ones with size 245mm r18 40 j 8.5 et 29 5x112 Would these fit on without any issues the current alloys were 235 r19 35 8j Santiago rep
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    Swap stock bumper with gtd bumper

    It is possible or straight fowards to swap a standard mk7 GT front bumper with fog lights and parking sensors with the oem GTD front bumper Thanks
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    Turned out to be the fuel pump module chip all issues gone went straight after The gushing noise from dashboard area Is the main indication apparently for fuel module
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    Recently the power was not there when trying to accelerate floor flat down which started off as a one off but became very intermittent very quickly within a week The coil light started flashing and engine management light came on and limp mode The car then struggled to start and when it did...