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  1. Crud_muffin

    Goodbye to GTI in Europe?

    So Autocar is reporting the GTI in Europe is being axed for standardized emissions. Go figure...
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    42DD 8mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers with Extended Bolts

    FS: 42DD 8mm Spacers with Extended Bolts, $50; 5x112, 57.1 2 - 8mm, lightweight, 5x112mm, 57.1mm Wheel Spacers - Wheel & Hubcentric (part no. 42-822-008) 10 - 35mm M14x1.5 Ball Seat Extended Lug Bolts ***Also bonus: 1 - Set of 40mm M14x1.5 Locking Ball Seat Bolts (can be cut to custom size)...
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    FS: Set of 18" Austins - $300 total

    SOLD ***Price drop to $250 Selling a set of used 18" OEM VW GTI Austins with center caps. About 18k miles. 18x7.5, 5x112, 57.1, ET 49. Good condition. Some curb rash and scratches. See pics. Las Vegas local pickup and sold as a set. Will consider shipping and lowering price if buyer provides...
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    FS: Set of Sachs Front Strut Bearings and Mounts

    SOLD FS: Set of Sachs Front Strut Bearings and Mounts SOLD
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    Going GTI IS20 to IS38 - Experiences

    Hey All! I know quite a few of you have gone IS38. Can you describe daily driving with the change? How's the low-end throttle and power ramp? Any regrets?
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    Good summary.
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    Turbo Muffler Delete for Daily Driving

    Happy New Year! What do you guys think? Does a turbo muffler delete improve low-end power, do nothing, or slow it down? Been thinking of getting a CTS delete and notice their dyno chart shows power loss under 3,300 rpm (but steady 10 hp gain from 4,350 rpm on). For a daily driver spending 90%...
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    I'm bored

    ^ so flippin funny
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    OBDeleven Engine Monitoring

    Hey all. Do any of you know if OBDeleven can monitor the same engine measuring blocks as Vagcom does? I saw a recent video from OBD on live monitoring, but nothing yet that shows things like KR or manifold pressure.
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    SOLD: Cobb AP V3 for GTI

    Update: SOLD Up for sale is a Cobb AP V3 for MK7 GTI. Great condition. Includes all accessories. $525 total through PayPal. Shipping within US via USPS Priority with tracking. Please PM. Thanks!
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    I'm bored

    Working on EVAP today made me think of this:
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    N80 Purge Valve

    Anyone yet have the pleasure of replacing their N80 EVAP purge valve?
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    Ouch upon ouch.
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    E85 and Oil Breakdown

    Found a recent article on ethanol fuel blends and the effect it has on engine oil. Link below. Clifnote version: "Ethanol-resistant engine oil should be produced in order to avoid serious wear from bioethanol, which can lead to engine catastrophic failure." As many of you probably know...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Know what you mean - clean and easy!
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    Is Geico into charity on our dime now?
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Crazy. Was there mention of how many miles on those plugs and the power output?
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    Golf/GTI Used Car Verdict

    So I'm thumbing through the latest Consumer Reports edition for new and used cars and check out the Golf and GTI of course. Come to find out, the 2016 Golf was given a 'much worse than average' used car verdict. The GTI wasn't much better and received a 'worse than average.' Is it really as bad...
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    Porsche obliterates lap record

    10 seconds quicker than the 918 Spyder time?! Wow, just wow.
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    Lots of info on turbocharging

    "Buzz 'em, boost 'em, have fun with 'em." Great video.