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    Why do people bash VTEC?

    Ive always wondered why people slam VTEC so hard. When you think about it, Honda isnt the only company using VTEC. VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) is a technology a lot of companies use now. Hell, snowmobile, jetski, quad manufactures have turned to variable valves also...
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    GTI, Legacy GT Spec.B, or MKIV Jetta

    Well im kind of in a bind here. I came up to Maine a year ago for school. My GTI has its mods listed in my sig, but as you can read i'm on coils. Turned all the way up the car is still way to low for the Maine roads. Ive been lookin at getting a beater for up here though. Ive been seriously...
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    Marijuana while driving?

    Well, I already know this is going to be a touchy topic. While I dont condone driving under the influence of any drug, I just as I know many other people feel driving while under the influence of marijuana is relatively safe and harmless, it would be nice to see how it affects our bodies. As...
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    AND....The Viper is dead...

    Another hit to Daimler Chrysler. I was wondering how long it would take Dodge to finally kill the Viper, it wasn't doing well at all. Especially Vs. the Z06.
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    12-18 Inches of snow+Blizzak REVO1s

    On a random/fun note, were lookin at 12-18 inches of snow over the next 2 days up here. Looks like I got the REVO1s on just in time seeing as classes are still goin on through all of this!
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    Well, im retarded, and posted in the wrong forums, what else is new. Anyways, here is the post that i accidentally put in the NY/NJ forums. If a mod could just delete it for me that would be awesome. Anyways, had my iPhone for 10 min and i LOVE it... Verizon, go screw...
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    Tat Two

    Well, i went for #2 today, and im contemplating number 3 now... anyways here it is, the pix make it look kinda odd, looks better in person though.
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    Prom 2007

    Wow i cant believe im done with 4 years of HS. Last night was out prom, at the Puck Building in NYC. DAMNNNN did we have a fun time, my group was 36 of us on a party bus! In total my graduating class is 515. Anyways, after prom was SICK AKA it was a drunk fest @ a club but w/e... DAMN it feels...
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    My New Fast

    Just got it today, i know some may think its a bad idea, but im happy with my decision. Its also my first tattoo.
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    Fast Tattoo

    Ok, so ive been thinking, and i like the idea of having the outline of a fast as a tattoo. Its cool, and it symbolozes this point in my life. I dont want it too big, about 3 inches in diameter. I just dont know where to get it. I want it to be hidden for professional reasons though. Im thinking...
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    Well i picked up some random decals at Show N Go and didnt want them on my car. SO i figured this would be a good place for them
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    In Germany

    Well, ive been in Germany for almost 5 days now. I only have a few seconds on the computer but DAMN Germany is freaking BEAUTIFUL, we left Munich yesterday, and we are now in our hotel in Frankfurt. I took a bunch of pics and obviously have more coming for you guys. Some of the cars here are...
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    First kids names?

    So, while my friends were all high, they decided the convo should be "what are we going to name our first kids" minus the fact i found it SO amusing at the time it made me think Boy: Carmine, Gianni, Vincenzo Girl: Marcella, Giovanna, Anna Maria What about the rest of you? (damn im bored at 1...
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    Germany in 2 days!

    Well its finally time. As i posted a few months back, me and some other select people will be touring to perform in Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin. I leave on Wednesday, and im gone for 10 days! Oh man im excited. On a sidenote, im gonna miss everyone here! and my car!
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    U Maine 2011!

    Well, i opened up my letter form U Maine today. Yep, they took me in the undergrad program i applied to. My original plan was to keep U Maine as a backup, i know the area well as my families vacation home is only 30 min, its a gorgeous area, its just too quiet considering i have NYC only 20 min...
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    Another Friggen Ticket

    im doin like 80 ish not realizing it, this cop gets behind me im like SHIT not again, just got a ticket last week, ive been going slow, oh shit im losing my license. he pulls me over and I go "hey officer how are you" he's like "i'm doing alright how are you?" im like "im good just on my way...
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    Stuck...SNOW SUCKS

    So yesterday we have had one of our worst storms ever. It snowed and hailed all day and all night. There was no way i was going to drive home so we all crashed at my friends house. Lets see, what were people driving, AWD G35, Audi A4 Quattro, Lexus GS w/ AWD..... OH AND GUESS WHAT, a lowered...
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    Skip Barber?

    Has anyone on here ever taken the SKip Barber High performance driving classes? Im seriously thinking about taking the 2 day class over the summer. It seems like it could be a ton of fun, and that i could learn quite a bit. The racing school seems like it would be wicked fun driving the formula...
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    Bassicly i love being a 2nd semister senior whos ein college,,, cuz school is like so not imoirtant now!..... its like we can just got out on sundays and act like a saturday lolW!
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    Birthday Present

    Well yesterday was my fiend Jessica's 18th. We threw her a huge surprise party she had no idea! For the past few weeks she has been saying how badly she wants tints, and how badly she wants to get them done. Well, i had some of my friends take her out for the day, i came in got her spare keys...