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    Are stock Golf r coil packs still the best?

    I have been running APR with no issues, and know that there are now quite a few options out such as Accell, MSD, and so on. From a reliability, and hopefully performance aspect are the stockers still the best? If so, what part number for an upgraded stock coil pack, such as Audi/Porsche? TIA
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    Blind spot monitor idea

    I ran the shop dap, factory VW aspherical mirrors. They not only leave next to no blind spot, but appear much brighter for the indicator light, and fit perfect as they are not the Chinese ones that are very poor quality control.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Golf R's have a separate DSG trans cooler, but not sure on GTI.
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    Fuel advice for US Soldier based in Germany

    Fill up with Shell 100 RON is just south of $100.00. I recently found out that many bases have 93 AKI that would cost about 40 bucks to fill. I just have to be careful of where I fuel at. Since I am still getting used to the country, its in liters so I didn’t pay too much attention, and just...
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    Fuel advice for US Soldier based in Germany

    I will be running EQT, but can just go with a 91 tune. I am based out of Kaiserslautern, I believe 4 hours away from Graf.
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    Fuel advice for US Soldier based in Germany

    I will be installing EQT stage 1 93 octane tune once I get this figured out. -I felt really ignorant to find out that octane scales are quite different from the states with Germany using RON (Research Octane Number), and when I was stateside the octane was based off of AKI (Anti-knock Index)...
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    Acoustic insulating Project - 3 leaks found so far

    Do you jave part numbers for this by chance?
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    Best universal fit accessories

    Normally not a fan of universal fit anything, but occasionally we all get surprised. Was wondering if the group has came across any quality universal fit items that work well for the Golf R MK7?
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    Best sounding Turbo muffler delete

    I hear ya Ian, I am just hoping for a little more engine music. I will be relocated to a country that is known for far more draconian measures for loud exhausts. However, turbo noises are my legal loophole. I fully understand that it won't be a serious power adder. That is why I predicated the...
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    Best sounding Turbo muffler delete

    I know I won't pick up any power from a TMD, but noticed that some brands have a trumpet looking end like Racingline. Some others are straight through as with CTS. Then some are adjustable like APR (really not sure why int would need adjustment. I want to have as much turbo noise as possible...
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    DIY DSG Fluid and Filter Change

    Thanks for the awesome insight, I think a top fill is best if you aren't under a crunch time.
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    034 Dogbone Insert

    How bad was NVH?
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    BUSTED! - Plastic oil pan...

    Nope, I used just enough teflon tape to cover the ports but no tape comes through into the pan, and then a generous amount of Permatex sealant on the outside of the extra bung/ports with torque just to snug which ended up around 40 FT LBS . So far after 300 miles, no issues. 5-10 degree lower...
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    BUSTED! - Plastic oil pan...

    I just had the Wortec one come FedEx Today, did you torque all the hardware to VW factory specs? There aren't any instructions, and and I want to make sure that I don't strip anything on the Wortec cast aluminum.
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    Thoughts on motor/transmission mounts?

    Reggie, do you think BFI stage 1, upper and lower inserts with the 034 doggone would be good for a daily driver? Better yet pass the significant other test? Since my car isn't a dedicated track car, if my wife rides in it where there are tons of rattles, I could already hear the complaints...
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    Thoughts on motor/transmission mounts?

    Has anyone ran a Revo set? it looks like it comes with a solid puck as well. I would love to see how bad they are as far as NVH.
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    How bad of a leak on the rear main seal

    How bad of a leak on the rear main seal is needed for VW to cover under the powertrain warranty? I couldn't quite get a strong look, but it looks like there may have been oil that leaked at one point. For those who have had it replaced, I was just wondering the criteria they go off of.
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    Intermittent navigation and sound system powering off

    What screen is the MIB? Is it just the app connect? I tried holding ON/OFF when the Fender screen populated, I had nothing. Just the navigation cycling screen.