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    SOLD: Cobb Accessport Golf R Manual AP3-VLK-003

    Just to confirm, the last photo of the AP screen indicates that it's unmarried right?
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    2021 Picture Challenge Game!

    Shout-out to the Kawasaki forum for the inspiration. Take a picture of your MK7 with the item or place requested. The first person do so, gets to choose the next challenge. This will be a great way to see the awesome locations of fellow GTI/R owners! Rules: I can edit this if needed by your...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Interior question on the R, do the rear doors and door sills have the same blue ambient lighting as the front?
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    E55 AMG w/ lawn mower walks 350Z

    From a forum I frequent. Not sure if it'll embed but it's worth the time :smile: backstory: He (350z owner) said he walked a new c63 and said he could take me. I didn't hear a lot of it since I don't go to meets, but I was told by a few people so I had them set it up. The idiot gets out of his...