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    MK7 Halogen Headlights

    Have some oem halogen lights from my 2017 Gti. I need garage space. Make an offer. Great condition boxed and ready to go.
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    WTB. 18 Pretorias Black with Tires

    I have some Austin's on some Barum tires from Discount. only has 3k miles on the tread
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    Wanted: Downpipe

    If I get the catted or catless depo downpipe?
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    Wanted: Downpipe

    Big difference in sound? I’m trying to make mine a little more edgy. But not ricer.
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    Wanted: Downpipe

    Does this have a pretty good sound for a catless?
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    Wanted: Downpipe

    Not a fan of the pipe or what?
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    SOLD FS: Invidia 3" Cat-less MK7 GTI Downpipe BNIB $325.00 Prefer local Houston

    I accidentally skipped over it and went back and deleted my comment.
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    Halogen Headlights

    Mk7 Gti headlight for $225. Great condition.
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    Wanted: Downpipe

    I have a 2017 stock gti s. Looking for a decent downpipe.
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    Hey man would you do $80?
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    Wanted Mk7 Headlights

    Looking for something along the lines of helix style or whatever looks close. Want to change my garbage halogen headlights.
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    SOLD - RFB Headlights w/ Sequential Turn Signals - Comes w/ LP Grille - $450

    Hey man do these fit the mk7 and can you ship