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    Post your Watch and GTI Pics!

    Love it. Been looking for a tool-style GMT for a while. Didn't want to pay Rolex $ for a batman and didn't want a clone either. The office GMT works for me too, i don't change time zones daily, just for longer travel. The blue dial & bezel are very subtle, almost black but changes to blue...
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    Anyone else have a headlight bug?

    Thats not a bad plan! Could use a regular vacuum with a long rubber hose attached. Ok, so any idea how to access the lower part of the headlight, below the silver stripe?
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    Anyone else have a headlight bug?

    Seems to be a chronic problem, at least for me anyway. Had a 2015 GTI, got a fly in the headlight, pissmed me off, traded it in for a 2017 R. Now this one has a light-fly too! WTH!? Anyone else have this? Anyone get it out?
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    Opps. Delete
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    Post your Watch and GTI Pics!

    OMG! I never actually looked where it's from. Was in the local brew section, just took them at their word. Either way, a pretty good beer. Tonight I'll have a Kichesippi (, very local, 2.5 km from my place.
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    Post your Watch and GTI Pics!

    Didn't have a Tartan Special available.
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    Post your Watch and GTI Pics!

    Was a local brew. Pretty good.
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    It's the subtle cosmetic mods I like... POST YOURS

    Got it off AliExpress. TCR replica. Plastic with 3M tape, reasonable quality. Gloss Black TCR Rear Roof Spoiler Wing Lip For Volkswagen Golf MK7 MK7.5 GTI GTD R R-Line 2013-2020...
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    Mk7 stage 2 vs mk8 R

    Thanks! Stage 1 here I come.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Did stage 1 of my post-winter cleaning. Just de-salting of the foot wells Summer tires AND the best part, installed my "TCR" spoiler from AliExpress. $100 all in. think it looks pretty good.
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    What are your favourite winter tires?

    Nokian hakkapeliitta or Gislavid Euro Frost. Performance winter tires just don't cut it for the snow we get. Need a proper snow tire. Cant say enough about the Nokians or Gislavids.
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    Mk7 stage 2 vs mk8 R

    Wait a minute...need some more info. How long have you had the tune for? Do you baby the clutch? Was thinking of going stage 1 but have heard horror stories about the clutch. I normally drive like a hooligan. 😁
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    MK7 defrosting issues

    Assuming there are no coolant leaks in your heater core and any free water is wiped up, give this a try. Works every time for me. Should be cold outside for this. 1. Make sure recirculate is OFF 2. Turn off the A/C 3. Crank the heat to high, make sure the car interior is really hot, may need...
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    Shifter Snuggly

    1. -20 C temperatures! 🥶 2. Dollar Store mitten 3. Expert alterations, courtesy of my lovely spouse. 4. Happy shifting 😁
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    "Custom" drive mode not *really* selected on startup?

    2017 R 6MT here. Just the exhaust flaps revert, as Doggy Daddy said. just code the flaps open and you are set.
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    Clutch Slipping At 13K Miles

    I have a 2017 6-MT, stock. I have been driving manuals for 30 years, never had one go with less than 200 km. This one started to slip at 20,000 km. Took it to the dealer, the told me it was me, and there was nothing wrong. Crazy! I pushed the issue, after lots of back and forth the took it...
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    Manual gearchange woes

    I so friggin jealous you guys have manual S3s! I have similar shifting in my R. Never as smooth as my 330i. After almost 5 years with this car either I'm use to it to I've gotten better. I still need to focus on shifting to get it smooth.