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    Official Lapiz Blue Metallic Golf / GTI / R Thread

    I believe they are HRE FF01 Flow Forms.
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    San Antonio Roadtrip

    Next time you're looking for a nice (but long) drive check out the Twisted Sisters drive. Great drive in the Texas Hill Country just west of San Antonio.
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    What's a logical amount of money to spend modding?

    I listen to the Everyday Driver podcast and they always talk about "modding out of class". What they mean by this is that if you buy a car for $20K and put $10K into mods for that car, could you have gotten into the next car tier up for that total of $30K (you can use whatever numbers you want...
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    AMS CF Intake Installed

    Do you have any pictures of how you routed this hose? Just noticed in your pics that you were able to get the hose underneath the intake box, which looks really good and would be the way I'd like it to look.
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    AMS & Cobb Stage 2 ProTune w/ TCU via R/T Tuning - Dyno

    Thank you! Just the kind of info I was looking for. (y)
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    AMS CF Intake Installed

    Looks great! Just the kind of info on this intake that I was looking for.
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    AMS & Cobb Stage 2 ProTune w/ TCU via R/T Tuning - Dyno

    A little off topic, but how do you like the AMS Intake. I'm wanting a carbon fiber intake and this one looks the best to me, plus it uses a dry filter which I like. I'm mostly wondering about fit and finish and the quality of the product in general. Thanks,