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    2016 Golf R 220,000 km update

    hey everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on my MK7 R journey so far. The car has been tuned by Unicorn tuning development since day 1( Stage 2 ) and maintained myself. Issues so far : 1 thermostat 60k 1 waterpump 80k 1 set of coils ( changed to RS3 ) 100k Changed EVAP and leaking...
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    Rebellion Automotive Fraud

    Hey everyone i have never posted here yet but i would like to give my experience with rebellion automotive as a dealer in UAE, first things first, I have bought around 8 units for various cars, porsche cayenne turbo 958, G63 AMG , Golf GTi etc.. i have tested out on my personal car which was a...
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    Do i have the highest mileage Golf 7R?

    Hi guys , not sure if i win the contest but i have 163,000 KM / 101,000 Miles as of today on my 2016 MK7 R , i have had no major issues so far. The car has been stage 2 tuned by Unicorn Motor Developments since day 1. Only things i have replaced across the way were , 1 thermostat , 1 waterpump...
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    Do i have the highest mileage Golf 7R?

    Moved to correct section. Sorry**
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    MK7 R Heavy Steering

    Hey guys, i have been having an issue with my steering on my golf R so it basically gets extremely heavy at times and a bit twitchy i am 100% sure it is not an alignment, tire etc.. Whenever i get this really heavy steering mode its like the car lost connection to the power steering, if i stop...
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    Read my brake pads

    Hey guys, lets talk about brake pads so i have been tracking my R for the past year i did around 8-10 track days. First set was the EBC yellow front and rear running stock disks and AP racing fluid , it was my first time driving this car on the track so it took time to learn the AWD since i...
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    Overheating on track

    Hey guys i have owned my 7R for 2 years now with 90,000 KM ( roughly 56,000 miles ) and loved every second of it. My Car has been tuned since day one and has all the AMS Performance goodies, air intake , intercooler and downpipe as well as ground control camber plates. Issues i had faced are...