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    2015 MK7 Golf TDI Brake help needed

    I came across a good price on a MK7 GTI non-pp set of calipers all around. (310/272) I then bought rotors and pads. Come to find out the rear calipers won't work. Is there another year/model that I can swap 272 rears w/mechanical ebrake from? TIA!
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    Caliper Ident Help

    I have a MK7 TDI Golf. My buddy upgraded the brakes on his GTI and I he has his old calipers and just want to check what they are and if they will fit. I think they should. All are Red and TRW Fronts have a 57 stamped on them Pretty sure these are for the 312mm? Rears have a 38 on them...
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    Stereo Upgrade / Custom Cable Question

    I have a rockford 3Sixty.3. I would guess that I could go high level input into that. What would the navtv zen v most150 adapter get me above the 3Sixty/3? $$$ aside
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    Non-R Spare Tire Retro Options

    Thank you all. No reason I wanted a mini spare, that is just what I saw forums on. This is all super helpful!
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    Non-R Spare Tire Retro Options

    I have a 2015 Golf TDI and I hate it doesn't have a spare tire. I have seen a couple of kits, but they are for the R. Apparently the reason the regular Golf/GTI spare tire kit doesn't just swap in is due to the higher hatch floor of the R owing to the rear differential not present on its FWD...
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    Delete please. wrong area

    Sorry, delete please. Wrong area.
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    Stereo Upgrade / Custom Cable Question

    I have a MK7 Golf with a Fender system. I plan to use a Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 to allow me to use an aftermarket amplifer. I'd like to have the option to cleanly take all the gear when I sell it. Question, does anyone know of a product to buy or someone who will make a custom cable? I'd...
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    Aggressive wheel fitment thread/stance

    Thank you. I am looking at OEM Audi rims. Maybe the 18x7.5 ET54 is the best balance between looks, ride and MPG for me.
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    Aggressive wheel fitment thread/stance

    New MK7 Golf owner question. I have read through this and just want to make sure I have it right. I have always liked the look of the attached wheels from my Audi days. I know Alzor makes a knock of set, but if I wanted to go with the Audi's I think I have 2 options. Factory ride height...
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    Found the correct thread to ask

    Found the correct thread to ask