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    FS: GTI plate frame

    Tow hook plate mount sold.
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    FS: GTI plate frame

    Volkswagen plate frame sold.
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    FS: GTI plate frame

    Used, all in great shape with normal wear. Prices below are USD and include shipping to CONUS; extra to AK, HI, and Canuckistan. US Mill Works tow hook plate holder: SOLD GTI plate frame: $20 Volkswagen plate frame: SOLD
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    Used, all in great shape with normal wear. Prices below are USD and include shipping to CONUS; extra to AK, HI, and Canuckistan. MK7 GTI/Golf/Alltrack center console storage tray: SOLD OEM GTI Monster Mats: SOLD
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    SOLD: BBS SR Wheels, Michelin tires (Northern VA)

    *SOLD* Trade for your mint set of factory 18" MK7 GTI wheels (Austin, Nogaro, etc.), tires, lug bolts, and $300 cash. Your tires must have acceptable tread remaining. Not for sale outright. Looking to sell the car end of February, so swap with me now or they go with the car. BBS SR wheels...
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    SOLD: Raceseng Sphereology Knob

    Bump. OBO.
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    SOLD: Raceseng Sphereology Knob

    SOLD. For sale is a Raceseng Sphereology knob with 6-speed engraving, black delrin sphere cover, and VW/Audi adapter. A couple of small scratches, otherwise in great shape. New this would run you $150 USD before shipping. My price is $99 USD shipped to CONUS. Additional shipping to AK, HI...
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    Yes, a thread about coffee mugs...

    Long story short: I'm changing jobs and my commute will go from 6 miles to 32 miles (until we move closer to both our jobs). In DC traffic that can be a slog, and I'll need my caffeine infusion mid-transport to stay alert. Anyone have recommendations on a coffee mug that: Fits in any Keurig...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Agreed. Whenever I go to Baltimore, I take the crappier car... also because Harm City. :D
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    Window visors for 4-door?

    I'm looking for window visors that mount with adhesive and the clips that sit in the channel. I don't want the visors that fully sit in the channel; bad experience with WeatherTech on my wife's car that deformed the molding and rattle with the windows open. I had the adhesive type on my...
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    FS: OEM VW Austin wheels with Pirelli P7 Cinturato tires

    SOLD: OEM VW Austin wheels with Pirelli P7 Cinturato tires Price: **SOLD** Wheels: 18"x7.5" +49 5x112 Tires: 225/40-18 From a 2017 GTI with only 2,600 miles. Two of the wheels are 10/10, the other two are 9/10 with minor scratches (see pics). Will not separate, no trades, cash only. Located...
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    Enkei Tenjin?

    Does anybody have the Enkei Tenjin 17x8 wheels on a PP/R? TireRack's configurator says the 17x8 +45 will fit the PP, but TR has been known to consider weights rubbing on the caliper to be adequate clearance. :rolleyes:
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    FS: MK7 Golf Floor Mats

    OEM floor mats, fits any MK7 Golf/GTI/R. Used for 18 miles (distance from dealership to my home, then swapped in the Monster Mats). Ignore the horrid carpet in my office (wasn't my choice). Price: $30 plus shipping
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    You don't have to open the front doors to unlock the rears. There is a setting in headunit that you can tell it to unlock all of the doors using KESSY. Then just put your hand over one of the front door's handle and it'll unlock them all. Now, what I wish is available is the same sensor on the...
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    WTB: Nogaros

    Just wheels. Must be mint, no bends or damage. DC vicinity preferred.
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    FT: Austins and tires for Nogaros and tires (DC area)

    Looking to swap my OEM Austins with 225/40-18 Pirelli Cinturatos for a comparable Nogaros and tires. My set has less than 100 miles on them, mint in every respect. This is my daily, so the miles will creep up each day. By comparable I mean low mileage and mint.