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    WTB Cobb Accessport

    Did you find one yet? If not, I have mine up for sale here in the forum, it's for a 6-speed but can be upgraded for DSG.
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    (SOLD) Cobb Accessport AP3-VLK-002 (for GTI) $480 shipped

    Sold my '17 GTI earlier this month, so I'm selling my Cobb Accessport with 5150 Racing custom tunes for 91 octane and E40%. It's unmarried/uninstalled and is ready to go. The tunes are stage 1 (stock downpipe), and while I can't guarantee the tunes work on other cars, I'm fairly sure they will...
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    **SOLD** ECS Flush Kit for MK7 & MK7.5 GTI (15mm front & 20mm rear spacers)

    Sold my '17 GTI earlier this month, so I'm selling my ECS Flush Kit. These are 15mm front wheel spacers & 20mm rear wheel spacers. Looks awesome with stock wheels, especially if lowered. These worked perfectly for me since day one, with zero vibrations or any other issues. Had them installed...
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    Anyone using the Powerflex hybrid dogbone puck?

    I sorted the dogbone out before installing the engine/trans mounts, first trying an 034 insert (pretty much immediately bent), HPA (wild NVH & multiple failed/ripped pucks, ended up returning for refund), Revo (failed/ripped puck after about a couple months), then the current Powerflex Hybrid...
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    Anyone using the Powerflex hybrid dogbone puck?

    I was under the impression that none of the custom tuners have access to raise the idle speed. However, this was from when I was getting a custom Cobb tune about 3 1/2 years ago, so that may have changed in the time since then. If that has changed, do you which tuners can raise the idle...
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    Sachs Performance Clutch any Good?

    I've been running this clutch for around 4 years & 25k miles on a stage 1 e40 tune from 5150. Only other power mods are a twintercooler & stock airbox mods (stock downpipe & turbo). Dyno'ed @ 300hp/370tq on a hot day with 105 degree temps inside the shop, so it was certainly down on power in...
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    Stock or Tuned - Post Your Dyno Results!

    2017 6MT GTI, Cobb 5150 E40 mix stage 1 tune (stock downpipe), Ebay G-Plus twintercooler, stock airbox mods with AFE dry filter, GFB DV+. Was 105 degrees in the shop, so the operator said I'm probably down around 15-20 hp compared to a cool day. Will likely run it again this winter when it's...
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    Get your optimal shift points

    2017 6MT GTI here. I recently calculated my shift points after dynoing for the first time. Inside the shop was 105 degrees, so I may be 15-ish or so HP short compared to a cool day. It shouldn't affect the shift points though. I came up with the following, +/- 100 RPM approximately: Gear...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Mine with a small strip of electrical tape wrapped around the fob.
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    Transmission Fluid for 6MT

    I changed to Motul last fall, but recently decided to switch back to OEM fluid. I haven't been driving much the last year since I've been working from home, and I park in an attached garage which rarely gets below 45-ish degrees in the winter. I've found that shifting with the Motul fluid...
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    Servicing the VAQ Haldex on our PPs

    That's good info. I haven't ran across anyone talking about cleaning the VAQ pump screen until this thread (that or I overlooked the info), but it does makes sense. Learn something new everyday and all that. I recently changed my VAQ fluid at ~20K miles, and by the sounds of things I should...
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    Servicing the VAQ Haldex on our PPs

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think OP is asking about the GTI performance pack front diff (VAQ/Haldex). Seems like the others are talking about the Golf R Haldex fluid change. I'm unaware of any screen to clean or seals to replace on the GTI's VAQ diff. OP, if you have an OBD11 or...
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    Dealership Performed Work Without Divulging What They Did

    Yep, the VAQ is filled with about a quart of Haldex fluid. It's essentially a left to right Haldex unit with the performance pack diff, instead of front to rear on AWD models.
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    Graf water pump reviews?!

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Graf water pump is just for the MK5 & MK6. At least that's what's showing in the vehicle application tab on the DAP links posted above
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    eBay Twintercooler

    Still going strong on mine after 2+ years. No popped hoses or anything, and am using the hose clamps they provided. The core is in great shape still too. I have the 1st version G-Plus (Forge Twintercooler clone). FYI on the log you linked, ambient was about 77 degrees. In the logs I...
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    May have found the replacement for starting vibration reduction on the MK7.5

    Interesting, just tested mine and when Sport is activated, holding the button immediately makes the display say "ESC on" then the ESC icon in the instrument cluster turns off once you release the button. Must either be a different option in coding, and/or a difference in model year. But...
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    May have found the replacement for starting vibration reduction on the MK7.5

    If I'm reading you right, you're holding the button while it's already in ESC Sport? If so, I don't think that works. You have to hold it for about 3 seconds while ESC is on, then it will chime at you.