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    Excessive Dry Noise over Bumps

    The exact noise on my 2016 GTI. As someone else said, spray rubber pieces on wishbone and sway bar b The exact same noise as on my 2016 GTI. As someone else said, spray silicone on rubber parts on wishbone and sway bar bushings. I have been doing this for some time. Once or twice a year. Be...
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    Bent Wheel - Looking for Opinions

    The tires are winters and are on only four months a year. Otherwise stored in the garage. I will give them a little more time. Thanks
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    Bent Wheel - Looking for Opinions

    I got a quote for $150 (repair and balancing). I would probably get the new rim if it was available anywhere. Thanks
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    Bent Wheel - Looking for Opinions

    Hello. Hit a pothole and bent wheel (on inside). It is OZ Type 22 17x7.5 ET45 wheel in gray. Tire rack does not have the exact one. It has silver in 17x8. Would 17x7.5 vs 17x8 be an issue? Tire rack rep does not recommend it. Also, what are my options of having this wheel repaired? Thanks
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    Machined Aluminum Color - Austin Wheels

    Hello. I repaired curb rash on one of my Austin wheels. All is smooth, but there is noticeable color difference between machined and sanded parts. I believe this can be somewhat remediated by spraying polished/sanded parts with some paint. Does anyone have any suggestion which color is similar...
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    GTI Radiator Fan - On All The Time

    2016 GTI PP with 38K. Noticed that radiator fan is on (high speed) all the time. Even after car sits overnight and engine is cold. There is no engine light and car is not tuned. From quick google search, this could be: stuck radiator fan relay engine coolant temperature sensor (confused why no...