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    Osram headlight turn signal flickering

    I’m still new to coding on VWs here. I am assuming this change is simple to implement via OBDeleven? And can be reversed if unsuccessful? I have the OBDeleven, but have only messed with the pre-made apps. If this is a possible solution, I’d be willing to be the Guinea pig. My only trepidation...
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    Osram headlight turn signal flickering

    I connected them to the positive battery terminal. I did pull the fuse on that wire to see if there was a change in the passenger turns signal. It didn’t change anything.
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    Osram headlight turn signal flickering

    The only coding that has been altered is the fog lights come on with DRLs vis OBDEleven. But this was after I noticed the flickering. As of today, I noticed the drivers side turn signal has started flickering like the passenger side. I thought I was on to something because it seemed like it was...
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    Osram headlight turn signal flickering

    Wow, I was just about to make this same post today. I have the exact problem. Passenger turn signal flicker. It will only happen with the engine running. Key on, engine off, it functions perfectly. No issue with the drivers side. I have been reading into this and from what I gather, it could...
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    Opinions on OSRAM LED Lights

    Just wanted to add my experience here. I ended up ordering a set for my halogen equipped GTI. I contacted Mytuning24 and asked about shipping to the US, removing VAT, etc. Jan was very helpful and took care of everything. I placed the order on 8/29, and the headlights showed up from Germany on...
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    How bad is the corrosion?
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    6 year review and potential rust areas

    I did my annual cleaning/fluid film application this weekend, and noticed the same are of rust in the front section of the rear wheel well on the driver's side. I'm pretty unhappy considering the mileage (31K) and the fact that it sees very light winter duty.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely reach out if I decide to go with them.
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    How do you like the Osram lights? There isn't much info/feedback on them as there is on the other alternative headlight options.
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    FS: Enkei Raijin 18x8.5 and Falken RT615k Set

    If we were closer to pick these up, I'd be in. Nice setup!
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    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    Any chance you will ever release the 18" version in race silver?
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    Janton_17's GTI

    What was the rear quarter warranty claim? Rust?
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    Rare Ara S3 Vortex XL build

    Were you driving through Cleveland on October 13th by chance? I saw a car that looked exactly like yours drive by that sounded nasty. It was definitely not stock.
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    Official Deep Black Pearl GTI / Golf Thread

    Man, I would love to find a set of the blue plaid seats here in the States.
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    Official Deep Black Pearl GTI / Golf Thread

    They are 16X7 Sparco Assetto Gara wheels, with 215/55/16 General Altimax winters.
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    The 'Chimera' - Progression of my 1.8T by SKVeeDubR

    That interior is just perfect! Where did you score that MK7 Golf wall art in your garage??
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    oh ECS.....

    I have never had a problem with any products purchased from ECS (GTI & E30) except a set of shifter bushings which they gladly returned. ECS's shipping on the other hand.......... they might as well deliver their parts via carrier pigeons. My parts will arrive faster.
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    WTB: one Austin wheel

    I'm looking for a clean, single Austin wheel to replace one that I damaged. I am located in Cleveland Ohio, but willing to pay shipping if it is too far to meet up.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I unwrapped mine from the dealer. Too bad it was raining, I really wanted to give it a good detail.