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  1. ErBall

    JB4 - Map 4 (0-60) two times w/ launch control

    If you haven’t serviced your haldex recently, I’d look into it asap. If you’re getting wheelspin then something isn’t right, should be super minor front slip (minor tire chirp) then pure grip. Anything less and you’re having haldex issues.
  2. ErBall

    DW300c: Any Reviews?

    An amperage limited 450 would likely still outperform this, and it’s been a proven method of adding fueling on this platform for years. I just can’t imagine spending nearly equal $ for a lesser preforming part (more so if you’re paying for install and tuning). Plus (if you go with a 450) if you...
  3. ErBall

    DW300c: Any Reviews?

    This is comparable to the pump APR offers in their stage 3 kit. It barely supports the fuel requirements of the kit, and is likely an incremental upgrade over a stick pump. The pricing is close enough to a 450 kit, seems like there’s a correlation between reviews for this kit and it’s relevancy.
  4. ErBall

    TPC Performance Housing Turbo Thread (Not the IS38 Ball Bearing thread....)

    Just throwing my .02 in. I’ve had a v1 TPC20, their very first hybrid on the gen 3 nearly 3 years ago. It’s got ~50k miles of straight abuse. Checked last week, zero shaft play, zero oil consumption. These dudes know how to build turbos. I’m picking up a 770 soon.
  5. ErBall

    Mk7 Exhaust Tech. How to get the sound you want.

    I've lurked long enough here to notice a trend. Jake, real question: do you have any idea how condescending you come off in here? It's pretty obvious you make some solid stuff, but as the 'front man' to your company, a gentler hand and more careful tongue would go a long way. You can be...
  6. ErBall

    Eurodyne Updates

    Okay, question for the more knowledgeable here. I have a tune from Railroader (GLSPerformance - strongly recommend him), and the car runs great (15-A3 MPI/brushless/TPC20v1). The only real problem I'm having is Launch Control. If I hold the LC for more than 4-5 seconds, I immediately throw a...
  7. ErBall

    Using COBB Accessport to watch Ethanol Content

    This has been the one thing keeping me from switching from Eurodyne.
  8. ErBall

    IE TrueFlex for MK7 GTI | Easy ethanol -flashing now!

    Very smart. This is a great platform to about 500whp. After that you really start to run into a hard wall with the law of diminishing returns. LS platform in anything can do 700+whp with ease. Good friend is wrapping up an LS swap in an e92 and is ~ $5k deep into it. Should be a solid 800whp...
  9. ErBall

    Turbo Arashi dynamics

    I’d bet my paycheck it’s not made in the USA.
  10. ErBall

    EQT Vortex Supporting mods?

    God I need an XL in my life.
  11. ErBall

    Does anyone recognize this component in the engine bay? Is mine aftermarket?

    Having driven both, the Sigma 6 is leagues better than the Boomba. They're completely different products at the end of the day and priced accordingly.
  12. ErBall

    IE TrueFlex for MK7 GTI | Easy ethanol -flashing now!

    Tyler, are there plans to extend this coverage into any BT applications with MPI?
  13. ErBall

    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

    It's only $500 for the DBB update? 🤔
  14. ErBall

    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

    Either are going to feel leagues faster than your is38. Not sure if anyone here has first hand experience with the new TPC20 v2. I’ve got 60k miles on my v1 and it’s still going very strong though.
  15. ErBall

    APR Stage 3 TCU

    Does anyone know if the DQ381 is any stronger than the DQ250?
  16. ErBall

    APR Stage 3 TCU

    Yeah if you’re into spending an additional $15k on your $15k car.
  17. ErBall

    Building a motor

    I couldn't agree more with Hoon. This conversation mirrors what everyone in the TSI gen 1 world went through. Everyone said fastidiously that 450wtq was the ABSOLUTE limit of these things. Then people started seeing 500+ on stock blocks. The ECU on mk7 is markedly better, and the bottom ends...
  18. ErBall

    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

    Same, just got it today, guess we’ll find out.
  19. ErBall

    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

    Once you’re established you can do all the stupid stuff you want. I’m throwing fueling and ethanol at a 150k mile motor, I know all about stupid stuff.
  20. ErBall

    New EQT 5 BAR tMAP Sensor!

    Well I bought one, will report back on meastro tuning with railroader