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  1. SAbroSO


    So i was looking through the Popular Photography website today. There's an article about Vancouver and good spots to take pictures in the city or the coastline. I clicked on the link because the picture looked interesting. Once the page opened up i got a better view of the image...
  2. SAbroSO

    DC United / VW

    Does anyone watch the MLS? I never really kept up with it but I am a Soccer fan. I watched DC beat LA 4 to 1. The real reason i started this thread is because of DC Uniteds new Jerseys. All black, Adidas, with a big VW Logo on the front of it. Its a nice looking jersey. I plan on getting one for...
  3. SAbroSO

    Did some Manscaping....Bonsai!!!!

    Yeah, my bonsai needed a trim. Thought i would post some pics. Just wondering if anyone else is into bonsais. Here are some before and after pics. The first two are before the trim. And the second two are after the trim. I know the pic quality isn't great but you get the idea.
  4. SAbroSO

    I guess I'm an a$$hole

    So, here is the break down. About 3 weeks ago i took the step kids to McDonalds. On my way out of Mcdonals someone backed out of their parking space and hit me. That person offered me $200. I went ahead and took the money. No insurance info was exchanged. Turns out the damage was, well, there...
  5. SAbroSO

    Am i a Bi*ch?!

    So i found someone that was selling some smoked sidemarkers on ebay for really cheap. $24 I think. Then i looked at the shipping. He's charging $14.99 for standard flat rate shipping. Flat rate shipping doesn't cost that much. It only cost like $8-$9. I sent him a message saying that if he...
  6. SAbroSO

    360 black

    I was thinking of painting my xbox 360 black. I figured it would match the faceplates i have. I have a program that lets you print out your own faceplates and most of the ones i have are dark. they clash with the all white box. Has anyone painted theirs? I'm just worried about it messing with...
  7. SAbroSO

    Kids don't know

    I just had to skool my step daughter on some Beyonce. Her idol is a theif. She didn't like the fact that i told her the Beyonce stole from some classic rock and some M. Jackson. That song bootylicious. She stole from Steivie Nix; the guitar riff. The vocal melodie is all Michael Jackson. Poor...
  8. SAbroSO


    Wifey scored some good seats for the Tool show on may 21st in San Antonio. :headbang: :headbang: :thumbup: Missed them last time around cuz i was lucky enough to be hanging out in the desert in the mid east. :mad:
  9. SAbroSO


    Soi went to the dealership today to pick up my car. It has some rattleing comming from behind the glove box. Its fixed now. I was waiting for them to pull my car up, filling out the paper work. The service guy was saying how he really likes the GTI and shit like that. He mention the R32. Then he...
  10. SAbroSO

    Xbox 360

    Just bought an XBox 360 from Sams Club. I also went ahead and bought a game to go with it. I'm not up to date on Ghost recon. The cover of the game says Ghost Recon Advanced warfighter and it also says xbox 360. However when i put the game in, it told me that this game cannot be supported on...
  11. SAbroSO

    SpongeBob das sheezy :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Makes Brittany Spears song better. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  12. SAbroSO

    Look what I found.

    Decided too look around to see if i could find a HotWheels version of the MKV. Hotwheels says its comming soon :thumbdown: but Matchbox has it. :thumbsup: Now i just need to know if anyone has found any other colors than the TR. Looking for BM...
  13. SAbroSO

    Where the F*#@ was I?!?!?!?

    i decided to look up some Mitch Hedberg on youtube. One of the clips said he Over dosed and passed away in march of 2005.:cry: I know i was shipped out to the mid east for the entire year of 06, but i never heard anything about him overdosing in 05.:iono: i guess i was just stuck at work so...