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  1. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    few shots for fun

    yesterday i made my first photoshoot with my new old dslr, still getting used to it. shooting snow is realy tricky DSC_0547 copy by Boznoz, on Flickr DSC_0568 copy by Boznoz, on Flickr DSC_0555 copy by Boznoz, on Flickr DSC_0549 copy by Boznoz, on Flickr DSC_0541 copy by Boznoz, on...
  2. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    nikon D60 error - need help

    Hi guys, i recently bought used Nikon D60 with error: Press shutter release button again. Have tried playing with that red gear under bottom cover, helps for 2 to 5 pictures, then it gets stuck again. anyone came across this problem and found a solution? anything other than "take it to the...
  3. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    Let me hear your opinions

    Lets bring some life in here. im facing huge dilemma in my personal life. already made up my mind but there are ppl talking me out of it. and i know there are ppl on here that are quite good in helping. So heres the deal. Im gonna simplify as much as possible. what would you pick and why...
  4. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    Help choosing camera

    finaly im about to buy myself a camera, but i dont know if i should go with digital camera or DLSR. the only DLSR camera i like is Nikon D40x, but when i googled some sample pictures they werent exactly "nice and crispy". Anyone in here owns this model and would like to show me their best to see...
  5. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    Your BEST picture

    my recent best picture, and taken with my mobile phone. i need to get myself a dig. camera
  6. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    Photoshop fun thread

    Thread for all bored photoshoppers and others as well. So here is the deal. Post a slightly photohopped picture so others can guess what was altered. It might be something obvious or hidden in background, whatever. add, remove, do as u feel. Try to use pictures from google or our forum, to make...
  7. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    Weird accident (or fail?)

    I was thinking about putting this into our old fail thread, but i guess it deserves its own thread how could that possibly happen? passengers had to escape thru rear window
  8. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    definitely unique :)

    idk where to put this, so its here. ive found this pic on the internet, dont know whos it is
  9. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    Fail thread!!

  10. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    Fail thread!!

  11. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    Fail thread!!

  12. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    well thats teleshopping
  13. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    somebody has too much spare time

    but it looks pretty cool
  14. Adv4nc3r_Mk5

    Cool exterior mod

    If you want your ride to stand out a lil bit more, then u should equip it with its own balls :lol: :biggrin: