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    2019 v 2020

    Google is your friend! 2019 - 2020 -
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    Overfilling gas

    My MK6 lasted about a year of ‘topping off’ before I had to replace the check valve. I replaced it myself and learned my lesson! Got an evap error code that would come and go but other than that it drove just fine (before fixing it). So I believe it would take a lot for it to become an issue.
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    Spark Plug Swap: OEM NGK [06K905601D] to NGK PLFER7A8EG [94833]

    First off I’m not an expert on spark plugs but I don’t believe the pink color on the porcelain insulator is a sign of detention/knocking. True detention/knocking would cause some pretty obvious physical damage. Here’s a good comment from this link -...
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    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    I like the look and don’t mind the interior. But for me, at this point in my life, I feel the lack of an electrified drivetrain (for NA) makes this irrelevant. If you had free money to invest right now would you honestly feel oil/gas is the smart choice?
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    How do I even get this damage fixed? (Road debris)

    Stuff like this stings for sure but unless it's a collectable show car for you then just put some touch up paint on it and don't worry about it.
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    Oil/Filter Question - Canadians

    To the OP's question - I've been using Motomaster Formula 1 5w40 for the past few years which is always a good price at Canadian Tire. It's on the VW approved oil list too. I do change my oil roughly every 6 months which is ~10000km's for me. As for filters I order a bunch of Wix filters...
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    Help with odd noise underhood

    Hello all, Stock 2016 R dsg with low miles. There's a loud sound when first building boost that sounds like a creaking door or a horn noise (heard from inside and outside) - it goes away once your well into boost. It's not speed or rpm dependent but doesn't happen when the car is cold. I...
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    Chris Harris Buying Advice

    Gotta love Chris Harris
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    CTS Turbo Inlet Pipe

    CTS Turbo Inlet Pipe - SOLD SOLD!!!! Hello, Used roughly a year, great shape. $70 shipped - paypal preferred. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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    DSG fluid change time vs mileage

    Manual states every 60,000 km for the DSG fluid/filter change - no mention of time. My car is coming close to 3 years old with only ~30,000 km of everyday driving. Would you all recommend a change out or be good until the 60,000km? Thanks
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    FS - JB4

    SOLD! Hello all, I have a 1 year old JB4 unit with data cable for sale. Excellent shape. $420 CDN shipped. PM me if you want pics. Prefer PayPal and I won’t charge the 3%! Thanks!
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    Windshield cracked need advice

    Definitely need to replace it. In my neck of the woods (Canada) virtually every vehicle that's driven through the winter will have windshields that at best look like yours. In the last 7 years I've had to replace the windshield 4 times. So don't feel bad as it could be a lot worse!
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    2019 Mazda3

    I agree the torsion-beam is a bummer but look at the Fiesta ST and Mazda 2 - everyone seems to praise the handling on those cars. If done right it might not be that bad. And yes - bring back the Speed 3!
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    Hey Canadians

    I didn't know there was 4 month leases - 12 months I've seen before but who would waste money on that short of a lease? A 12 month lease (no money down) on a base DSG Golf R would cost you a cool monthly payment of ~$1500 CDN!!!
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    Hey Canadians

    You know, I think that’ll ring true for the coming electric cars as they’ll change as quick as cell phones and no one will want to keep them as the new improved is right around the corner.
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    Hey Canadians

    Why does the US get 6yr/72k bumper to bumper from VW but Canada only gets 4yr/48k bumper to bumper? You wanna trade? I’ll throw in the extended warranty for your toaster!
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    Winter driving

    Hey guys, I have yet to drive an awd car in the winter but have many years experience with 4x4 trucks and one truck with an auto 4x4 mode. When approaching a long sweeping corner with limited traction (snow/ice), keeping on the throttle is wonderful with 4x4 - as long as you keep on the gas...
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    Tesla Pickup Truck?

    Trucks are the number 1,2,3 best selling vehicles in North America so I’m surprised Tesla wouldn’t have started there vs the sedan which isn’t a great seller (body style wise). I’m interested in the truck for sure.
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    Best Car Ad Ever?

    I still love the "Unpimp VW" commericals ..... we've all seen cars like these ones! That R8 V10 is a great one too!