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  1. turbovw1

    Free: Adapter Set for Retrofit Standard LED Taillights to Euro Taillights 5G0052400 for VW Golf Mk 7 Facelift

    I will take these if we can getting shipping to be less than $10. Just an FYI for anyone, this is the Adapter Set for dynamic LED Tail Lights for VW Golf VII Mk7 Part: 5G0052400
  2. turbovw1

    Metal oil pan

    I have a Tiguan oil pan gasket for sale that would work on the steel pan.
  3. turbovw1

    FS: white side mirror caps, side mirror with blindspot

    I have a set of flat white if needed.
  4. turbovw1

    FS: MK7 Aspherical “Blind Spot” Mirror(s)

    Pulled these off of my MK7 Golf R and will be changing them back to OEM. No scratches and everything works as intended. These mirror’s are heated and the driver side is aspherical. This really helps with covering your blind spot while driving and is a nice European OEM upgrade for your car...
  5. turbovw1

    P050A00 Fault

    Still having this issue. What is the voltage tweak that was mentioned in this thread? Can’t seem to solve this issue.
  6. turbovw1

    ST40 Brake Pad Reference Guide

    Does any know if there is a replacement pad that produces less brake dust than the Stoptech pads? Car is daily driven and minimal spirited driving.
  7. turbovw1

    Green Autohold Indicator - AID1 Golf7/7.5 - For 791A Instrument

    I have a NAR 2016 Golf R 6-speed w/ an EPB and auto-hold button. Would this coding work for my car?
  8. turbovw1


    By any chance are you looking for an OEM exhaust for an R to include on the trade? If this is still available in the next few weeks, I’d be willing to meet up. I’m near Daytona / Orlando.
  9. turbovw1

    Dyno mode

    Just unplug the Haldex under the rear seat to disengage the rear. Then you won’t have to worry. Takes 2-3 minutes.
  10. turbovw1

    Part Out

    Are the euro tails dark or cherry red? MK7 or MK7.5?
  11. turbovw1

    FS: 15-17 Golf R "NEW" in boxes Interior parts (OEM)

    I will take the Center console bezel for shifter surround
  12. turbovw1


    Is this for an R or GTI? MK7 or MK7.5?
  13. turbovw1

    Free hatch privacy cover for 2017 GTI

    I’ll take it but I’m in Orlando. :( Could you ship?
  14. turbovw1

    Upgrading the Mk7 Fender audio system - Build Log

    How different are the Focal 165AS and the Focal VW 155 kit? Which is better?
  15. turbovw1

    WTB: GTI/R center dash trim panel w/vents in piano black

    I may have one if you still need this. PM me.
  16. turbovw1

    Dropping sump, clean or replace oil pick up pipe?

    I have a pan leak and it has to be replaced with a new one. I figured I might as well replace the pickup tube while I’m in there.
  17. turbovw1

    Dropping sump, clean or replace oil pick up pipe?

    I plan on replacing my plastic oil pan with a steel one soon. Instead of using the liquid gasket, I will be using a Tiguan oil pan gasket. While the pan is off, I will also be replacing the oil pickup tube and installing a new oil leveling sensor. Seems to be a pretty easy job to do. I had...
  18. turbovw1

    '15 GTI 80k, stock, babied since new - engine locked up :(

    This is what I’m thinking as well. My car had injectors 1 and 2 fail on my MPI and dumped fuel into the cylinders. This caused my car to hydrolock. I removed the fuel pump fuse and spark plugs before cranking the car. This pumped the gas out of the cylinders and now I just need to replace the...