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  1. Parrothead

    Autostadt Trip

    Going to be at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg in about 2 weeks-- also going to try to make it to Stuttgart to see the Porsche museum. ....anyone ever been to either? If so, tips, cost, etc etc Thanks! :thumbsup:
  2. Parrothead

    EVERYONE will die if they watch this!
  3. Parrothead

    When performing maintenance on your Boeing....

    make sure you latch the fucking cowling closed before takeoff... or this will happen. One of our 717s....
  4. Parrothead

    Brick, meet Washing Machine... edit..., the remix
  5. Parrothead

    Anyone here on Just joined today and am running the Legends cars... kind of a pricey sim, but it's good, clean racing, and it's actually tough to master it has the Jetta TDI cup on there :-)
  6. Parrothead

    The fun theory.. Piano Stairs
  7. Parrothead

    Golf fans....

    check out free open beta (nearly the full game) online now... worth checking out!
  8. Parrothead

    What'd you get for Christmas?

    I cleaned up pretty well this year.. Slingbox Solo Traxxas Rustler R/C truck (im a big kid) LOST season 5 on blu-ray Hangover blu-ray Squidbillies DVD Observe and Report blu-ray AE gift card outback steakhouse giftcard car and home dock for DROID and a couple other small things
  9. Parrothead

    Fun with Google

    1. Go to google 2. Type the words WHY WON’T in to the text box 3. Read their first suggestion 4. Profit
  10. Parrothead

    Any blackberry storm owners?

    ....besides me think that this might be the worst phone in the history of phones? It restarts itself (takes 6-7 minutes to reboot), Freezes, and lags terribly atleast 3-4 times a day... I'm ready to throw this damn thing under a train.:mad0259::mad0259::mad0259:
  11. Parrothead

    F-22 Raptor program ending

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday recommended a broad range of budgetary cuts to high-tech weapons programs, including production of the F-22 fighter jet. RIP F-22, the most amazing...
  12. Parrothead

    Would you hit it?

    oh yeah, just FYI... Kim Petras is her name and she used to be a dude. :23:
  13. Parrothead

    Gas Shortage

    Well, here in my city.. we're in some sort of "Gas Shortage" I haven't been able to find premium anywhere in over a week, and only 3 gas stations have regular.. so tonight when I went to go fill up my Daily Driver it took about an hour to get a pump.. Anyone from GA or FL having one of these...
  14. Parrothead

    The Happening

    ...anyone see it? has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen... the previews looked great.. but damn..
  15. Parrothead

    Any NASCAR fans here?

    If you're NOT a nascar fan, PLEASE don't post in this thread.. If you are.. who's your fav. driver? For me... #11 Denny Hamlin!
  16. Parrothead

    Official GolfMKV Fantasy Baseball thread

    Well, I created a Fantasy Baseball league for GolfMKV (it's under that league name on it's free.. There are 11 spots remaining (12 total) Add your email to this thread so I can send an invite to you.. the draft order will be set in the order that you join. Here are a layout of the...
  17. Parrothead

    Election '08

    well.. I don't want to start a war, so I'll just keep this simple.. who are you voting for this year? (or for those under 18, who WOULD you vote for?) edit: let's try not to turn this into a huge debate thread, just want to know the simple information :) thanks.
  18. Parrothead

    if you could have ONE car......

    what would it be? your dream car.... mine would be a Yellow C6 Corvette Z06...
  19. Parrothead

    NHL Fans?

    Anyone else out there an NHL fan? I grew up cheering for the Red Wings, until the Thrashers came to Atlanta.. still a huge fan of the Wings though.. and theyre definitely my pick for the cup this year.. as for the Thrashers I just hope Lehtonen stays healthy and helps Atlanta make the playoffs...
  20. Parrothead


    ....go see this movie.... it was awesome!!