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    Stock halogen headlights MK7 gti with grill

    I don't need the grill, will you consider a better price just for the lights?
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    Engine rebuild

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any idea where to get a full engine rebuild kit for a 2016 GTI. My motor had some oil burning issues, and after a shop tore the whole thing down, they wanted an outrageous amount of money to rebuild it, telling me that the block was already too large...
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    Help with bad turbo?

    What would make you think a boost leak? We've pressurized the intercooler charge pipes and they hold 30 psi, so no boost leaks found.
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    Help with bad turbo?

    Which one would that be ?
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    Help with bad turbo?

    Hey guys, I've been having issues with my car. 2016 GTI S. Stock turbo, no tune. I have a log from OBDeleven here also. The turbo doesn't seem to be making much boost, because the car is very sluggish. It also continues to throw an EPC light whenever I stay on the throttle and it builds boost...
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    IS20 turbo $200

    Still available? PM me please if so.
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    2016 GTI IS20 Turbo

    Still available?
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    FS IS20 Turbo

    Hey, still available? What revision?
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    FS: IS20

    Still available? What's the turbo build version?
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    OBDeleven Diagnosis

    This is great information, thank you very much. I will do this next, and see if I need to replace the sensor.
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    OBDeleven Diagnosis

    Awesome, thank you. I will check the entire wiring harness next.
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    OBDeleven Diagnosis

    Hey guys, hoping for a little information here. I had a rat nest inside my hood of my 2016 GTI, he chewed some of the main harness apart. I have spliced it all back together but now have a full dash of error lights. I have scanned the car with OBDeleven hoping someone can help me interpret what...
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    Wtb: Upgraded brakes

    I have a set of Porsche Boxster front brakes with cross drilled rotors and new pads. It is the "NQSBBK" that you can find on the forum, with included billet adapter plates and bolts, also stainless steel braided lines. Some cosmetic damage on both caliper faces from where they rubbed an old set...
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    EPC/CEL under load, otherwise car acts fine

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I should be checking that could be wrong. Have been running the car with no issues for a while on a JB4 Map 1, logs looked fine according to George. I've been driving it everyday and pretty hard with no issues for probably 15k miles...
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    Adjustable sway bar endlinks

    Car is about 1.5 inches lower than stock, on Neuspeed progressive race springs and Koni yellow adjustable struts. I have adjustable sway bar endlinks up front, but I don't know how much shorter than stock to set them. Does anyone have any recommendations on how much shorter the endlinks should...
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    Replacement Sunglasses Holder Door trim piece

    Does anyone have any info or experience with replacing the sunglasses holder door trim piece between the map lights on the roof? I don't have a sunroof (not sure if this matters) and The door itself seems to have broken in the hinge mechanism that it swings down from. So I don't know that I...
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    ECU dead, dealer won't warranty due to "mods"

    So, long story short, my car wouldn't start the other morning. Called dealer, had it towed to them for service. Got a call later that afternoon with what the girl called "good news, bad news." Good news, they figured out it was my ECU, and that it had died completely. Bad news, they won't be...
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