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    MK7.5 OEM LED Headlights Retrofit

    sopskysalat Thank you so much for tell me about your success! Curretly I have the 10pin to 14pin connector converter but i think it´s the mk7 converter because only works the low lights. I think there are something wrong in the wiring but i don´t know. I tried to fix it with this diagram but it...
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    MK7.5 OEM LED Headlights Retrofit

    Congratulation!!! AWD4416 it is an excellent work :cool:(y). I am doing something similar but i just want the basic functions (Low, High, DLR and turn lights). Nowadays only is working the Low lights :(. If the headlight has just 7 pines, how do you connected 9? (14 pin connector table). Thank you!