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    Tweeter Crossover - Heat dissipation

    Thanks for the reply mate. I also found out since I did not cut out the red wire across the resistor (for 3dB attenuation before tweeter), the resistor will never be active.
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    Tweeter Crossover - Heat dissipation

    Hi, I need your advice. Recently I have replaced the stock front speakers & tweeters in my Golf Mk7 with Gladen M Line system. It comes with a crossover for the tweeter (see pictures). The crossover is enclosed in a thicker plastic transparent sheet housing from the factory and both ends were...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed Driver Mode Selection including the button (5G0054809) at VW Service Center
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    Notchy gearshift in MQ200 gearbox

    I am driving 2016 1.4TSI 125 PS estate/sportwagon with 6 speed MQ200 gearbox. The current mileage is 28000 kms and the car is due for its 1st service. I feel shifts from N to 1st and 1st to 2nd are very notchy. I have driven my friend's 2016 A3 with same engine and gearbox and the shifts are...
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    Help needed! Fastener clip fell into kick panel moulding

    I have removed the kick panel on the passenger side to route the footwell lighting cable to rear. While removing the metal moulding fastener clip did not come out with the panel trim. So I tried to take out the fastener clip with a piler and somehow the clip fell inside the metallic moulding. I...
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    DIY Footwell lights retrofit - questions

    Footwell lights (front and rear) installed in 2016 Mk7 estate I have installed the footwell in the front and rear in my 2016 Golf Mk7 Estate/Sportwagon/Variant. Vehicle model: LHD Germany Parts used: 5GG 947 409 (LED, 4 Nos) and cable harness already prepared for both front and rear. Bought...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Hi Mate, You have retrofitted LED/HID fog lamp it seems. Could you please send me the link if you had bought it online. I am searching for good set of LED fog lamps in Germany for my Mk7 Estate but couldn't find one yet. Thanks in advance.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Side spoiler fins at the rear Retrofitted side spoiler fins at the rear. Cost: €85 from a VW Dealer in eBay