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    235/45r17 tire on a 7.5" or 8" rim?

    I went from 235/45/17 on 8.5" to the same tires on factory 7.5". I could feel the difference the week I switched, but got used to it pretty quickly and now it's fine, and I don't drive gently. No issues with tire wear. I'm just a regular person who drives every day in regular situations, and...
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    How to retro-fit a bigger capacity battery to a Mk7 Golf

    Thanks for all of this. My original battery died exactly like everyone says, 5 years, 5 months, 77K miles. One hard start, one start after 90 min charge, no start after overnight charge. New DieHard, stock size, no coding, on the road again. Are the VW or non-VW replacements dying on the...
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    Non-R Spare Tire Retro Options

    Assuming yours is just missing, and there's no TDI-specific reason for lack of a spare, you can use a mini-spare from another Golf or probably any modern VW, or you can use a full-size spare if you trim a little plastic off the edge of the interior panel at the back of the trunk - this lip...
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    FS: one NEW NEUSPEED RSe16 - 17x8.5, +45mm, 5x112, Gloss Silver, CT/NY/MA/VT

    For sale, ONE BRAND NEW UNUSED wheel, still in original wrapping. NEUSPEED RSe16, 17x8.5. +45mm, 5x112, Gloss Silver These wheels are discontinued by Neuspeed, so if you have a set, getting an extra might be a good idea. This was my extra wheel; I sold the set but the buyer didn't want this...
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    WTB: VW Goal wheels, 17x7.5

    Thanks, all. I got a set of Monte Carlos on Craigslist.
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    Hub Centric 17" Wheels

    Are these the Passat wheels you mean? I'm going to try to grab a set this weekend. Any idea what they weigh? Edit: I got them and they clear the 340mm brakes. Thanks!
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    Thanks, Manu97 & Mal! The Koya's and Superspeeds are good-looking and reasonably priced, especially the Superspeeds. One thing I don't like about my Neuspeed RSe16s is they have more nooks and crannies than an English muffin! I don't get any joy out of cleaning the car (I like it being...
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    Apex are 8.5" or wider. VMR is 18" or bigger. Titan 7 is 18" or bigger, 8.5" wide, and over $500 ea.
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    WTB: VW Goal wheels, 17x7.5

    They look good, a lot like Goals, but they're 18" only, not 57.1mm and don't take stock lugs.
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    WTB: VW Goal wheels, 17x7.5

    Disregard, thanks Hey y'all-- I'm looking for a set of Goal wheels, 17x7.5, preferably anthracite. Ideally local to NYC area, but would buy from other areas if you're willing to ship. Very good condition please. Would also buy fewer than 4. I was cleaning my Neuspeeds, getting ready to put...
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    Hub rings and incompatibility with stock wheel bolts annoy me. Does anyone besides Neuspeed make a 17" wheel with 57.1mm centerbore that takes stock bolts? I have 17x8 Neuspeed RSe16 now but am thinking about getting something else., still no more than 8" wide. Oh, maybe not "anyone", but...
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    Winter Tire in Borderline Temps

    So you're trying to decide between having a summer set and an all season set, or a summer set, an all season set and a winter set? I live ~40 miles north of NYC, and run all-seasons (Michelin AS3) for 3 seasons and performance winter tires in winter (Veredestein Wintrac, previously Pirelli...
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    VW Goal Wheels With Winter Tires

    Hey, have you sold these yet?
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    Is there an inspection port in the bellhousing?

    I want to check if my rear main seal is leaking. I don't have any oil on the driveway, but if there's a cover I can pop off and look for oil in the bellhousing, it'd make me happy. Thanks
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    Dealer Diagnostic Fee

    Also, a more "prestige" dealer won't charge you for diagnostics because money-grubbing is low class. Sometimes...
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    Audi winter 17's et28 or et37?

    Looks perfect! Spacers?
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    Audi winter 17's et28 or et37?

    Also, are you sure those are 17”?
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    Audi winter 17's et28 or et37?

    About an inch if they’re 7.5. Go to But you need to be sure of the wheel specifications or the answer won’t be much good.