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  1. MeltedSolid

    2.0t HPFP swap on 1.8t

    I think with either MPI or a HPFP upgrade, a LPFP upgrade would be required/implied.
  2. MeltedSolid

    2.0t HPFP swap on 1.8t

    I was sitting maxed out on the 1.8's HPFP for a while, the best I could get out of it was ~320-330 whp on 91, the limiting factor was HPFP in the mid range and injectors in the high range. Here is one of my logs from that time...
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    Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing

    Hamas: Initiated conflict most recently Killed >1,000 civilians extremist assholes Israel: Colonized the area killed >20,000 civilians Oppressive to the Palestinians, jailing people who speak out against them, authoritarian assholes Maybe war is bad and both can be condemned independently...
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    "Official" Lap Times Thread

    Yea, definitely my favorite track I've driven. I've got BC's which are 7 or 8 years old at this point, imo pretty good for the price, but there are plenty of opinions of BC's.
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    Misfire Cylinder 2 after sitting 9 days, non-recurring

    You shoulda heard my e36 after I started it back up again for the first time in a month and a half. Was running on what sounded like 3-5 cylinders for the first few minutes. Totally normal.
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    Brother's Sportwagon, oil falling into a black hole!

    Obviously very different car, but one of my friends had an oil leak on his Miata he recently bought that was dripping directly onto the exhaust manifold. He assumed it wasn't loosing oil because the engine bay was clean and no smoke out the exhaust, but it lost a few liters over ~2k miles and...
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    Bevel box fluid, what is it?

    I'm just using the OEM stuff because it's not that expensive and I know it's intended for it.
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    Just found out my car used to have a tune

    Nice, cheap tune! Some APR dealers do charge for a tune but it's not consistent, if it's more than $50 then that would be weird imo.
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    "Official" Lap Times Thread

    Got a 1:43.1 at Laguna Seca yesterday, I think that might be the Mk7 record, beating @Will_ 's previous record: Track name: Laguna Seca Track location: Salinas, CA Lap time: 1:43.14 Year/Model: 2015 Golf Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3000 lbs Estimated WHP: 360 Fuel: E85 Tire size...
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    Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing

    It's illegal to attack someone already, so talking about it from an external perspective without being in the position to carry it out is kind of moot. Speech is powerful, frankly way more powerful than physical violence, and listening to someone spread stupid, harmful shit, fully realizing how...
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    2016 golf 1.8 L TSI have a question about part location?

    I don't know what a turbocharger position sensor is (Do you mean the wastegate, there's no sensor for that it's all one unit), and I assume you mean the crank position sensor? I've never heard of a crank position sensor going bad on our cars. I'd recommend doing more diagnostic before...
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    MK7 1.8T DSG Swap Troubleshooting

    Did you try turning it over with the wheels off the ground?
  13. MeltedSolid

    Mk7 TSi Manual Transmission Freewheel Noise

    Yea, it would be easier to be certain in person, but I think those are just normal VW noises.
  14. MeltedSolid

    Mk7 TSi Manual Transmission Freewheel Noise

    Oh, I think what you're hearing is normal. I'm pretty sure it's the fuel injectors, they just sound like that, it's fine. The EPC light seems like looking into though.
  15. MeltedSolid

    Oil leak

    Jeebus that Bar-Tek oil pan is billet. Imo I'd prefer a steel oil pan, most common aluminum alloys are pretty brittle, and those pans extend lower than the stock pan, so the chance of breaking them on the road would probably be a lot higher.
  16. MeltedSolid

    Annoying knocking noise - see video

    It's possible that they loosened (or took out) the dogbone mount bolt for better access to the heater matrix/egr, and never put it back the way it was. Something similar happened to my friend a while ago, and their pullys ended up contacting a coolant hose and wearing through it.