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  1. patrick_irwin

    in the winter of 1989 build thread

    So I picked me up a little toy for the winter and have no plans on selling. I have honestly fallen in love with this car. I bought this 1989 Civic LX, on 11/8/10 for $2700, drove it from clayton, NC to Kinston, NC with no problems. The oil light pop on and off. it has roughly 160,000. the...
  2. patrick_irwin

    Wilmington Cops

    So the clubs shut down, but no one was ready to go home yet. GOIH_mcMPy0 :lol:
  3. patrick_irwin


    I know its two months way.... but I really want to go. Some please help out a fellow dubber and let him sleep on your floor. I don't snore. I am planning on loading up my car with beer. but I am willing to throw out some cash. :frown:
  4. patrick_irwin

    Off-Topic Crew

    Myself along with another member were talking today. What if... we had Off-Topic Crew stickers made with member numbers. I got the Idea from the WFC sticker. Not everyone will receive sticker only people that regularly post on the OT thread and have a post count over 1,500. People will be able...
  5. patrick_irwin

    WTF was that about

    5 mins. it was 30min, I had something important to post on the OT thread and now I can't remember. It could have changed man kind for the rest of the world. and now it's lost forever.
  6. patrick_irwin


    So for you guys that don't know me. I have a thing about working in a salon, easy jobs, laid back atmosphere, and of course the girls. So I've been a receptionist for 3 years and I love the job, I was free to wear what i wanted and they didn't have a piercing or a tattoo policy. We'll over time...
  7. patrick_irwin


    I looked around and didn't see anything. Post up your hellaflush, fatlace, illest, and whatever else I'll start the picture is a little off, but that's ridiculous
  8. patrick_irwin

    2006 M3

    should i do it, just got my GTI last year. 20k in the tack. dealer is a really good family friend. said he'd try to keep the payments the same. has a 2006 M3 black on red and a 2008 135 black on black on the lot. what do you think?