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    So just wanted to see how many on here have this car or know someone that does.... I have an opportunity to get one in Cornflower Blue (no Driver Assistance Package) with relatively low kms (35K). I work for a dealership so price wise I'll be getting it at a bit of a 'discount' at wholesale...
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    Roof Rack with a Fairing

    Hey guys, need your expertise and advice. I have 2011 GTI and I'm keeping it. My 2016 R should be arrive at the dealership in a couple of weeks. I've never had a roof rack type system on any vehicle I've ever owned. Did some searching and couldn't really find a true answer.... I know some of...
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    iphone or blackberry?

    ya I was thinking about that ... the glass looks/feels nice but how durable is it right?... is it really "scratch proof" like they say it is? ie. you don't need a screen protector? so the iphone 4 still drops calls? I thought they fixed that issue, or is it more of a carrier issue?
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    iphone or blackberry?

    hmmm so far big advantage to iphone, which I figured from the other poll that was done on this forum... I'm not considering Android right now cuz I won't get as good of a hook up :p that being said, any long time blackberry owners switch to the iphone 4 and have no regrets? or vice versa?
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    iphone or blackberry?

    the issue here is I've never had any issues (at least MAJOR ones) with my Curve... it's been very reliable and I find it great for what I need it for... work, emails, bbm etc... I'm used to the form/function of blackberry right now and it would be a smoother transition... never really used any...
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    iphone or blackberry?

    Have a Curve 8900 that finally died on me today (had it for almost 3 years).... Original plan was to use my HUP (hardware upgrade plan) to get a Blackberry Bold 9900 when it comes out, but that'll be in a few months.. need something to hold me over... right now I have an option to get: 1) 32...
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    Saw a Nissan JUKE

    I'm a sales guy at Infiniti and able to sell Nissan's as well... when this car first came out I had the same initial thoughts... it's grown on me a bit in terms of styling, and the interior isn't all that bad compared to some of the lower end Nissan's like the Versa or Sentra... yes it's taken...
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    Saw a Mini Cooper Countryman - HE BIG!

    was considering getting an All4 S, but price got waaaaay up there when I built one the way I wanted... plus it didn't handle anywhere near as well as the coupe or even the clubman model...