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    AutoTech HPFP w/removal tool

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    7r hybrid turbo

    From someone who daily's a Vortex XL, there is really no lag that you will notice. Car hauls like a freight train with proper fueling.
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    Delete - Found One

    I’ve got one with the actuator, if you don’t find one. Low mileage. DM if needed.
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    audi AluSubframe AND which DOGBONE??

    My roll control kit included the dogbone pucks (both) as well. I don't remember the exact number of bolts, but I replaced all that were removed with a fresh set for the sub frame, engine, trans and dogbone mounts.
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    audi AluSubframe AND which DOGBONE??

    I run the aluminum subframe with Superpro mounts. I also replaced every single bolt and have zero NVH added from the subframe. Great upgrade over the steel subframe.
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    APR Full Catch Can System for the MQB Platform 1.8/2.0T

    Some great info here, thanks. I bought the kit mainly as I'm running 33lbs with an XL Vortex turbo and was thinking to take some of the stress off the OEM PCV. No real track time for me, strictly street use. However, I don't want to create new issues, as the car runs great as is.
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    APR Full Catch Can System for the MQB Platform 1.8/2.0T

    I have mine waiting to go in, I'm hoping I don't have these CEL issues with this kit!
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    AWE SwitchPath Exhaust Remotes

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    FS: mk7.5 r APR valved exhaust $1000 picked up

    Let me know if you will sell the black tips separately.
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    Help picking an exhaust

    APR Valved +1
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    Cat backs -2

    A lot quieter and no drone.
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    Cat backs -2

    I just swapped from a AWE Switchpath to a valved APR and I really like it. Sounds pretty tame even with an IE downpipe.
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    Anyone fitted Bilstein B16 Damptronic Coilovers?

    I would recommend defeating the DCC and going B16 non DCC. I sold my KW V3's and went with the B16's and very satisfied with the ride.
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    Gas Quality Debate Shell, Petro, etc.

    I was only considering tuning on the 91 for simplicity sake and in case a scenario came up with no 94 around. I also heard initially that the power difference would be marginal between tuning on 91 vs 94. But, it seems like the ethanol blended fuels are performing significantly better from the...
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    Gas Quality Debate Shell, Petro, etc.

    Just saw this 3 part series posted by Vancity Audi on Youtube. I was all set to get a custom tune on Shell 91, but now I'm second guessing my fuel choice after watching this series of tests. What are your thoughts on this, and do you think the fuel out East is as bad as the fuel out West...
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    Need Coilover Recommendations

    Go B16. I went from KW V3's to B16's and I prefer the b16's.
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    I don't use any of the cobb features with the tune and stick with the OEM controls. The 91 tune is great and has served me well up until my new vortex goes in with a custom eqt tune.
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    With the upcoming boost sale, I figured I would throw this out there as I'm sure I'm not the only one on the fence debating standard housing Vortex or go XL. For me, I'm strictly street driven and no access to E, so straight 91 pump all the time for me. I also don't plan to go MPI. I do plan...