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  1. Cashy56

    Gt badge

    Hi All, I fitted a Maxton Design Front splitter & sides skirts, Mirror caps, and spoiler extenders along with the GT Badge on the front. When all fitted it's quite subtle but still quite nice. I'm still waiting on the side blades from the US as my seller left me down. I've decided against...
  2. Cashy56

    Thoughts on these Led Tail lights

    I think they look great and would really bring the rear up to date if you didn't have LEDs, like me :) Maybe it's the video but I'd have a concern about the brake light operation. Do they look to have the same intensity as the running lights, and merely toggle? I would have assumed ALL...
  3. Cashy56

    Finally Apple CarPlay/Android Auto for MIB1

    Hi All, I've done a bit of investigating and discovered that (finally) there is a way to get Apple CarPlay/Android Auto for MIB1. The YouTube link is here for you All to check out - Basically, it uses a wireless adaptor we connect to! Sold here -...
  4. Cashy56

    Gt badge

    Looks absolutely fantastic 👌 Managed to source a pair from the US myself! Now just waiting on them too. Looks OEM :) 👍
  5. Cashy56

    Gt badge

    That's very much a personal preference and one I'm debating myself! I'm going a slightly different route and leaving the Golf and Bluemotion badges in situ, but replacing the TSi with the blue GT at the rear, shown below. The front will be exactly as you had it
  6. Cashy56

    Gt badge

    Found them from a German Site and are currently winging there way over to Ireland. The Blue GT badges that is, the sides I'm still looking for. I'll post pics soon as I can 😀
  7. Cashy56

    Hi CozB, Just wanted to drop you a PM to ask if you wanted to sell the GT Badge for the front...

    Hi CozB, Just wanted to drop you a PM to ask if you wanted to sell the GT Badge for the front grill? No hassle if not :)
  8. Cashy56

    Gt badge

    Thanks All, This is looking better and better :) I'm thinking of re-badging GT BlueMotion. Polo GT front and back and these on the sides! Now the challenge of finding them online...
  9. Cashy56

    Gt badge

    I love this idea of the blue GT Bluemotion badging, like the Polo (with the same powerplant) A subtle yet classy nod to the older Golf GTs ! Did you do the rear too?