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  1. MrTSI

    winter beater Golf R

    I am looking at those same APR springs, but paired with Koni Yellows. Before reading the review on here with the B6s, I had reached out to Bilstein tech support who told me they had some doubts about whether the B6/B8 had sufficient rebound damping for the APR spring rates. This is consistent...
  2. MrTSI

    Adjusting/modifying the internal bump stops on B8 struts… (please lend help & wisdom)

    The Eurosport inserts move the strut shaft inboard but do not change where the spring sits relative to the strut tower since they reuse the OE top mounts. The spring remains in the stock location. The 034 camber plates move the whole spring seat inboard, hence the interference with the wider coils.
  3. MrTSI

    Front LCA bushing options

    I looked up your build in previous threads. Your frustration with Whiteline makes total sense. I do think your VW tech is right though, and that most of the noise and harshness is due to the strut mounts. Your B14s probably aren't helping either, at least with harshness. I live about 30km south...
  4. MrTSI

    Front LCA bushing options

    Nice demo of the SP Duroball. (And cool channel - subbed) It seems that several people have had issues with them separating. To SuperPro's credit, they also seem to have dealt promptly with warranty claims. I'm not sure about that dust shield design though. I feel like a lot of crap could get...
  5. MrTSI

    Front LCA bushing options

    Thanks for putting this list together. LCAs / bushings are on my mod list for next year, so I am eager to read about people's experiences. The way the LCAs articulate seems to point to a ball-style rear bushing as being the best solution for solid mounting while permitting the necessary...
  6. MrTSI

    Adjusting/modifying the internal bump stops on B8 struts… (please lend help & wisdom)

    According to their website, the revised APR Roll-Control springs for the MK7 feature significantly higher spring rates than stock and most aftermarket options. They also seem to lower about as much, front and rear, as the H&R OE Sports. If your're happy with the OE Sport ride height, perhaps the...
  7. MrTSI

    Best place in Canada for wheels & tires

    I also had a good experience with Blackcircles. Excellent pricing and really fast delivery.
  8. MrTSI

    OEM Clubsport Springs

    You can also check the European Eibach catalog. They make OE replacements in addition to lowering springs. Many of their listings have OE cross-references to VW part numbers (Euro only). Another cool feature is that many of the springs also list things like wire thickness and number...
  9. MrTSI

    ECU Removal

    I know this is an old thread but I figured I’d reply here instead of starting a new one. I replaced my transmission mount and I also had the metal-caged ECU. Other than being “headless”, the three fasteners holding the cage are basically just plain old M6 bolts with a LOT of thread-locker over...
  10. MrTSI

    Perfectly balancing the GTI into a Grand Tourer

    I dug up the TUV certificate for the EVO S to compare to the B14. Totally different front spring design. Thicker wire but wider coils, so they work out to be about 10% softer. Rear springs are almost identical. More significant is that the front dampers are twin-tube in the EVO S whereas the...
  11. MrTSI

    Suspention Options

    I saw some reviews of the EVO S kit from the UK on YouTube. They were installed on MK7 and MK8 Golf Rs but looking at Bilstein’s European catalog, it seems it’s the same kit number as the MK7 GTI. The 3 reviews I found all say it’s a great street suspension, with mild drop, excellent ride and...
  12. MrTSI

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Thanks for the follow up. My car is 6MT and no sunroof, so it would probably sit slightly higher in the front than your car. This is looking like a pretty viable option for stiffer springs but with a slightly milder drop.
  13. MrTSI

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    This is great info! I was actually thinking about a B12 kit (Eibach linear + B8) on my 7.5 GTI 6MT PP but have the same concern; a steep parking garage that I use fairly regularly. You mention that the rear is 8-9mm higher but I was curious about how much the R springs raised the front. How does...
  14. MrTSI

    Bilstein Evo S coilovers

    I was also looking at Bilstein coil overs and it does seem the B14s are sticking around, despite the arrival of Evo S. Interestingly, on the Bilstein website, the B14 is labelled “Track” while the Evo S is labelled “Street”. I also emailed them about the differences and while they were not...
  15. MrTSI

    How to install foot rest ? (dead pedal)

    Bringing back this thread from the dead (again) I just installed Original VW pedal caps and footrest on my 1.8TSI 5MT and here are my recommendations 1. Remove the gas pedal assembly to install the pedal cap on it. It will save you a lot of grief and a lot of time. It’s one T30 screw and one...