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  1. IES99

    Why can't I get rid of this car?

    this is an MK7/GTI forum and we like these cars. I have a '17 GTI and still consider it brand new. Only 52000 miles
  2. IES99

    oil change from top

    Waqgen Worx in Charleston SC. They'll rotate the tires and check everything so I let them do this annually. This GTI has never been back to a dealer since it left there in 2017. To others: I cleaned the dipstick after it was on my garage floor. But my wife has that floor so clean we could...
  3. IES99

    oil change from top

    Pumped the oil out (5100 miles and 8 months) and put in 0-40 Mobil 1 Euro formula. I'll have the shop do it in December.
  4. IES99

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    It was recently washed and waxed but had been in a dusty road. Today I just wet it down and rubbed it clean cloth wihile wet.
  5. IES99

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Took it to Mt. Pleasant SC Cars and Coffee. Afterwards took it home and washed and waxed it. I used the wax I use on my boat: It has PTEF (Teflon) in it.
  6. IES99

    Carbon Build Up

    I'd start with an "Italian tune up" 4th gear at 4000 RPM for 20 minutes.
  7. IES99

    Autocross tire pressure help

    As another nut behind the wheel, I'll keep doing what I've been doing: 40 PSI in all 4 PS4s.
  8. IES99

    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Go see "Everywhere Everything All at the same time". I think the big screen in a theater works with all action, slow motion, science fiction, fantasy, martial arts fighting and strange fingers.
  9. IES99

    Machine VS Razor

    I used electric in the past but changed to a multiblade razor years ago. The result with the razor has been better for me.
  10. IES99

    Autocross tire pressure help

    That's what I did at SC SCCA this weekend. I see so many other people adjusting tire pressure between laps. Is softer better for traction? I am running Michelin PS4 on stock wheels on my 2017.
  11. IES99

    Class action lawsuit letter (Waterpump)

    I received a letter from VW months ago. No issues with my 2017 GTI. Not near the 800000 mile mark
  12. IES99

    My AutoX journey

    I just put the dsg in sport and concentrate on steering and braking
  13. IES99

    My AutoX journey

    Matt, I was there that day, too. Running in GS class. Nice video.
  14. IES99

    I traded in the GTI

    You turned over a new one. A leaf, that is.
  15. IES99

    What is your opinion about wagons?

    Dodge tried.but the Magnum didn’t last. A Hellcat Magnum, please.
  16. IES99

    2015 battery issue

    Not my GTI but during 2020 when things were shut down, I had to put the charger on my Jeep battery once a week because it was always dead from not being used for several weeks on end. Now it is being driven regularly and is fine with the same battery. I think what you are experiencing is normal...
  17. IES99

    Son’s First Autocross

    Great fun and memories.
  18. IES99

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    It was a lot of fun. The pace pick up truck was generous because we were told that max speed was to be 70 MPH but he went faster than that. So by lagging behind a little (no passing) I could accelerate all I wanted out of the banked turns. I got more brave as we went along and was able to reach...
  19. IES99

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Drove it 3 laps on the banked oval at Darlington SC at a charity event. That was a pleasure added to the autocross in the raceway parking lot,. Good times for all.
  20. IES99

    Need some advice from the GTI community

    I bought mine at age 63 4 year s ago. I still smile while driving and started autocrossing. You are young.