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  1. Moez

    MK7 New Car Collection Checklist

    Hello Everyone I've been searching online for a list that contains what to check when collecting a new MK7 car. I found different threads discussing this; so thought i can compile a comprehensive list that has everything which might be helpful for you. Here is it:- Collection Checklist...
  2. Moez

    Helix Sound System in the UAE

    Hi all, wanted to check if anyone had experience with installing the Helix sound system as an upgraded solution provided by VW and got it fitted via the dealer here in the UAE? and what was the cost...
  3. Moez

    Just ordered an Oryx White GTI Clubsport

    Just ordered a 2017 GTI Clubsport I'm happy to say that finally after a very long time of reviewing the MK7 Golf GTI/R; I finally decided to get a GTI Clubsport. Specs:- Pure White Color 18" Belvedere Wheels Panoramic Sunroof Fabric / Alcantara Seats Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) with driver...
  4. Moez

    DCC, Dynaudio and Discover Pro; are they worth it?

    Hi all I'm planning to buy a car soon, and i'm 80% settled on the GTI. Wanted to check your opinions regarding opting for DCC, Dynaudio and Discover Pro Nav; are they worth it? especially in Dubai where almost all of the roads are paved and its rarely to use navigation here. Since as you know...