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  1. jakemkv

    Got a new camera!

    Whats up guys, i havent been posting as much as i used to because i've been really busy with my new job, anyways i saved up enough money for a Sony Nex-5 ( and a couple lenses :wink: )and im so stoked with my purchase, im still learning how to use all of the Slr functions, but heres one picture...
  2. jakemkv

    C63 Coupe First drive

    Read. Check out the pictures of the white one on the 6th-7th page. Holy hell mercedes.
  3. jakemkv

    Panorama, Crazy sunset low cal

    Hey guys, got a droid x for christmas, and i wanted to share a panorama that i took on the phones camera. Note: that everything was done on the phone. And that the quality got messed up on the transfer. Hope you like :biggrin:
  4. jakemkv

    LA auto show pictures

    Less talk, here are some of my Crappy pictures. :fighting0030:
  5. jakemkv

    Gt2 Rs

    If you guys havent checked this out yet, click "start web special" 4.9 lbs per horsepower
  6. jakemkv

    Im seeling my 525i. 3k

    Special edition...
  7. jakemkv

    1976 goodness

    Hello all, this is another project i am currently working on. it is a Manual 4 speed, 1976 Toyota FJ40. Currently done work = Raised 4 inches, HUGE axles(dana 40), Integrated dual gas tanks, custom roof rack, Warn winch, Air compressed 4wd Lockers, Chevy Camaro Ls1 engine producing around 315...