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  1. Clem604

    oem+ IS38 options

    I can't speak on the other brands of IS38 but my HPA unit has been chugging along for about 40k miles now without issue. The original owner put on around 20k on it and I put on the other 20.
  2. Clem604

    USB C cable

    This is the one I have and it's a game changer for me. Something as simple as not having to plug the phone in really pays dividends in terms of overall convenience.
  3. Clem604

    Vinyl wrapping roof with oem roof rack installed

    I have a roof rack on my wrapped GTI and it's been fine, no issues with the rack or vinyl. I've been using it in the summer months for over 3 years now.
  4. Clem604

    Brightest Halogen bulbs?

    I've always used Philips Xtreme Vision (the regular ones not the race version) in my halogen equipped cars and still do, I highly recommend them
  5. Clem604

    Upload Pictures of ur Golf MK7 with after market alloys!!!

    Thanks. It's wrapped in Nardo Grey by Inozetek.
  6. Clem604

    Upload Pictures of ur Golf MK7 with after market alloys!!!

    Summer Mode - OZ Allegerita's 18x8 Winter Mode - Neuspeed RSE05 17x8
  7. Clem604

    FS: ECS Tuning Master Cylinder Brace

    For sale I have a brand new in box ECS Tuning master cylinder brace. I bought this from PG Performance last year and never got around to installing it. It's great for people looking for a more consistent brake pedal feel on the street or on the track. It should be able to fit all VW MK7/7.5...
  8. Clem604

    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    I'm sure glad they did when I got it last year.
  9. Clem604

    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    My shop and I were wondering the same thing. I'm sure glad they still do though.
  10. Clem604

    Street Density 034 Motor Mounts question

    I had the same 034 mounts for 6 months until I replaced them for BFI stage 1 mounts. I wish I would've just gotten BFI from the start but modifying my car has been somewhat of a learning process.
  11. Clem604

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I realized mine was gone just a few days ago. The water would leak onto the parcel shelf when I opened the hatch. I looked at the drain hole and sure enough the rubber piece is missing and the tube is misaligned. You can grab it at the dealer, the part # is 512 827 861 A
  12. Clem604

    Audi TTS front caliper option!

    The TTS and Macan calipers are definetly a nice upgrade. I've had my TT-S calipers installed since 2019 and they've been nothing short of excellent (for street). I've had no issues whatsoever. If you are getting the newer calipers they only have an S logo on them vs the older style calipers...
  13. Clem604

    "Card Holders"

    I bought this card holder slot cover from @2slowvw last year. I think it looks great and it keeps debris from falling inside the card slots.
  14. Clem604

    Sachs Performance Clutch any Good?

    Yeah give it a try and see if you like it. It takes 30 seconds to take out. I've found that the engagement point feels slightly more defined with the spring out.
  15. Clem604

    Sachs Performance Clutch any Good?

    Is your clutch spring still in? If it is, taking it out will make the pedal slightly stiffer.
  16. Clem604

    Procrastination: "parts you got in the mail years ago and still didn't do to to your GTI today"

    I have an ECS master cylinder brace that has sat in the garage for over a year now. I'm going to install it someday but currently too lazy.
  17. Clem604

    Sachs Performance Clutch any Good?

    I have around 30k km's on my Sachs kit now and I'm having the same experience. No issues at all with the clutch and it still operates like stock, albiet a slightly stiffer pedal.
  18. Clem604

    Vinyl Wrap Your MK7 Thread

    My car has been wrapped in Inozetek Nardo grey for almost 2 years now. With all the rock chips I will probably get the hood and front bumper re wrapped but overall I'm pretty happy with it .
  19. Clem604

    MK7 Confessions

    I've done this too