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    SOLD: EQT Brushless Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) for FWD MQB

    EQT RS3 LPFP with controller and harness. Used for 25k miles on 2019 GTI with MPI. Works great and ready to ship. $old obo plus shipping (PayPal only) or meet up in SF Bay Area.
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    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    Hey guys doing a Mk7.5 Part Out and wanted to offer to folks locally because shipping stuff is not fun. I’m taking the best offer for everything listed. I’m located in San Francisco and willing to meet up to one hour away. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks 🙏 Powertrain -AWE Track...
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    Awesome buyer, great communication!

    Awesome buyer, great communication!
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    FS: Used Racingline R600 intake with SAI, ECS Turbo Inlet Hose, R-Line Coolant tube, and foam filter cleankit $250 obo

    Selling my early gen Racingline R600 Intake system with coolant reroute hose. Foam filter is about a year old and in great condition. Also comes with Racingline foam filter cleaning kit and conditioner. This will work for MQB cars(8v A3/S3/mk7 GTI/Golf/GLI) that have Secondary air injection...
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    SOLD: Used Macan Brakes/OE lines & new RPVs with fittings

    HI Everyone, selling my used Porsche Macan brake calipers with OE brake lines. As a bonus im throwing in the Wilwood RPV valves and fittings, check out this thread here on how to install; How to Improve brake pedal feel . There's approximately 25000 miles on these and are in good working...
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    Awesome seller! Got my items really quick !

    Awesome seller! Got my items really quick !
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    WTB: GTI PP Front Brake Caliper Cover

    I know it's a long shot since these aren't being made anymore but looking for a GTI caliper cover 5G0698221.
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    Sold: dq381 DSG Transmission with Mech

    Bump for changed to free
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    Sold: dq381 DSG Transmission with Mech

    Bump, free transmission, just need to pickup from San Francisco.
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    Continental vs Bosch Injectors

    Conditions might have been a factor. It’s been rainy and wet here in the bay, and I def was struggling for traction. Really appreciate your guys input on trying these Bosch injectors out. Didn’t think it was possible that they’d work. Thanks 🙏
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    Continental vs Bosch Injectors

    Finally got the bosch injectors in and installed. Just as I suspected, cylinder 4 had a blown continental teflon seal and was leaking compression. I did a quick log on the highway after clearing the codes and reflashing the tune for e85. Everything seems to be running fine, car is pulling hard...
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    New Mishimoto MK7 Radiator

    Radiator so far has been fine, I can't speak to it's performance at the track as I've only gone twice last summer (temps in the 60s-high 70's at Laguna Seca). I will say my oil temps definitely do rise up more quickly(up to 250's) during a 20 minute session while the coolant temp and dsg gear...
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    Continental vs Bosch Injectors

    Thank you, also got a response from my tuner and he said the same thing. He recommended the Bosch GTI injectors and didn’t think any revision would be necessary. With that being said, I’ll still do some logs and make sure everything looks good. I’ll post back here in a couple weeks with my...
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    Continental vs Bosch Injectors

    Hi All, So I have a 2019 GTI Rabbit with the Continental Injectors. I've been running some variation of ethanol (e30-e85) and 91 since about 13000 miles. On stage 2, I ran almost 20000 miles before my injector seals let go. No codes or anything, just a boost cut at 4500rpm. As of late, I've...
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    Sold: dq381 DSG Transmission with Mech

    I’m giving away this as is dq381 dsg transmission with mechatronics unit. I nicked a small hole in housing of the transmission near the drain plug but it has since been welded. I was mainly keeping this as a spare when I was tracking my car. I’m not going to make any guarantees on it as a fully...
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    New Garrett Turbos for MQB

    Thanks, MPI+RS3 LPFP plus supporting boltons upgraded radiator The thick lines are e85 and thin is 91
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    New Garrett Turbos for MQB

    Just wanted to update my latest and final revision to this tune with the power max stg1. Car feels livelier, much happier at low rpm’s now with mpi available at those engine speeds and a lot more fun to drive especially in an urban environment where I don’t get to rev it out.
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    SOLD: Precision Raceworks MK7 MQB Flex Fuel Upgrade for PTFE lines

    This pairs the with Precision Raceworks AN6 fuel line upgrade for mqb cars(does not work with oem lines) if you are installing PR’s MPI kit and an ethanol sensor. I ended up staying with the OEM lines out of convenience and never installed this on my car. It is brand new. $ 40 shipped. Retails...