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  1. Pmanpop

    JT64's Car Journey

    C63 all the way. Performance wise it's comparable to an m car while the s4 is not. Something about those v8s in the c63
  2. Pmanpop

    F Type S

    Exhaust button Top down Life is good
  3. Pmanpop


    Geo metro
  4. Pmanpop

    I see a lot of people...

    The amount of cabin noise and rattles these have remind me of my mk6 lol
  5. Pmanpop

    Daily Driving stick sucks rant.

    I'd take a dsg just so my lady can driving me around
  6. Pmanpop

    So I test drove a mk7 GTI today

    I drove a stage 1 mk7 for a while and got a couple rides in a stage 2. It's not even fair :(
  7. Pmanpop

    WTB: 4 all season tires in SOCAL

    Hello, I'm located in Los Angeles area. Looking for 4 all seasons to daily. Interested in tires with substantial tread wear hopefully someone who just replaced the OEMs Thank you
  8. Pmanpop

    Ski/Snowboarding Thread

    I always check in this thread to see how awesome the snow is in the Rockies. I have a season pass to mammoth but this year has been lacking
  9. Pmanpop

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    Drove one of these at work. I really like the new interior. I didn't think it felt cheap. Seating surfaces felt nice. One day I'll own one. It's just natural progression haha
  10. Pmanpop

    Ski/Snowboarding Thread

    DBESTGTI, you torture all of us with your weekend adventures. Colorado seems more and more tempting every time you post. I'm finally going to go skiing this season over mlk weekend. Probably stick to groomed runs and a couple park laps since snow cover is looking weak.
  11. Pmanpop

    Ski/Snowboarding Thread

    Really jealous. Looks like you had a great time
  12. Pmanpop


    Your mom said I was impressive :eek:
  13. Pmanpop

    Ski/Snowboarding Thread

    I'll be up there during winter break. College pass 299 woooot
  14. Pmanpop


    Wot every on ramp. So multiple times a day. I'm stock but 80% freeway and the city driving i do is constant at 50mph for a little while at a time. 340 to the tank max
  15. Pmanpop

    College MK6 owners!

    The hardest math i faced was actually in the normal math classes. In my electrical engineering course or my materials science or statics course its all basic derivations and algebra. Bro you got it! Calc 2 and 3 were hell, after that its smooth sailing. Atleast for now..
  16. Pmanpop

    College MK6 owners!

    Do what you gotta do. School is priority. Plenty of cool cars if you have to down grade
  17. Pmanpop

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    Jealous! Its the only car I see myself upgrading to once I finish school. The wrx doesnt do much for me but the sti... Ooo giggly
  18. Pmanpop

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    Lol going to be hard with that turbo mounted on the bottom.
  19. Pmanpop

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    Didnt know golf r was that fast