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  1. imtimmy

    “New” StopTech performance brake kit

    Still available, I sent u a pm
  2. imtimmy

    “New” StopTech performance brake kit

    Yes, sorry for late reply, I don’t get on here much
  3. imtimmy

    “New” StopTech performance brake kit

    New in box, StopTech performance front brake kit. 340mm cross drilled/slotted rotors, StopTech sport brake pads, stainless steel brake lines. This a 1 piece rotor setup, StopTech part #978.33081F $500 I also have new in box StopTech rear rotors, cross drilled/slotted 310mm. $250 Local pickup...
  4. imtimmy

    Southbend Stage 2 Endurance

    27k miles on Southbend stage 2 endurance, stage 2 golf r, now just began slipping mainly in 3rd, 4th and 5th. Driven hard but no launches or stupid abuse to the clutch. Disappointing. Might try BFI or a Sachs setup when ready to buy another clutch.
  5. imtimmy

    Michelin PSAS 4

    I have new a/s3+ waiting in the garage, about 2k left on the super sports. Tired of buying sport tires every 18 months so after reading reviews thinking the all seasons from Michelin will help in Texas rain with cold and still perform, dry or wet. Hopefully not giving up too much performance in...
  6. imtimmy

    FS new Spulen turbo muffler delete w/Coupler

    This muffler delete was attempted to be installed by a tech when I had intercooler and charge pipe kit installed last week. He found that the silicone coupler that was included with this Spulen delete kit does not fit on the charge pipe kit installed and will only fit the oem turbo outlet pipe...
  7. imtimmy

    Upgraded intercooler+charge pipe kit=ZERO coolant in tank and all over engine bay

    Like the title says, just had a bigger intercooler and charge pipe kit installed last Wed. Car is a '17 R stage 2 with 29k miles now. I drove the car home on break Sunday night parked for an hour. Came out. pulled away and got an immediate red low coolant message. Popped the hood and zero...
  8. imtimmy

    Trading the GTI for an RS5

    Gotcha. Congrats on the upgrade, what color? RS5's look cool, and yes like the other comment, stupercharge dat biotch:w00t:
  9. imtimmy

    Trading the GTI for an RS5

    Is your gti getting traded in with the k04 still in it?
  10. imtimmy

    So now that my GTI is totaled, time to move on.

    Check audizine or world for the issues list on B7's. Off the top of my head, cam follower issue, which can lead to fuel pump issue which can lead to camshaft issue. Timing belt should be checked, headlight issues on HIDS, window regulators and other issues. My personal experience, ALL OF THE...