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  1. BamaKID

    Got Wood

    Well guys i got some wood left over from building our new deck and i was trying to think of a useful way to use it to build something. I got about 10 2x4"s varying in length of 7 to 10 ft. Im just trying to think of some cool ideas without buying anything besides screws or bolts. :thumbsup:
  2. BamaKID

    Starting on the wrong foot...

    Well when i moved to Atlanta i had just got my Gti and i started posting in a local atl thread and went to a few meets. I dont know what i did but apparently ever since i have met them they are just complete douche bags about anything i ask. I guess because im 17 i get no respect? I am a...
  3. BamaKID


    if i am just starting out with photography whats a decent camera?
  4. BamaKID

    Xbox live

    anyone got xboxlive im bored as hell right now my gt: JESUS DA SAVIOR
  5. BamaKID


    can u make a sticky of the good products for washing/waxing and the process ? thank you:thumbsup:
  6. BamaKID

    Dad is dumb

    he thinks an SL-500 is better then porsche carrera s give me some stats to prove him wrong :bow: i want to drive a porche on occasion NOT A MERCEDES
  7. BamaKID

    Girl or the Car?

    ok i been dating this girl for a while now and it is her birthday in a week... i been saving for my revo stg 2 and my rear votex bumper if i get her a gift it has to be something nice because she got me something iphone so do i get a little less expensive gift or Save for the car ?