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    Ross Tech Micro Can VAGCOM

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    Ross Tech Micro Can VAGCOM

    Hello again
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    Ross Tech Micro Can VAGCOM

    Yes. No problems.
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    Ross Tech Micro Can VAGCOM

    Ross Tech Micro Can VAGCOM for unlimited customization of Mk7 & earlier VW's. $100 Shipped 2nd Day Tracking included. DM me directly.
  5. Mk7user

    Bluetooth Next/Prev control greyed out

    Also wanted to thank you for this as there are several options for BT AVRCP Profile 1.2-1.6 under the Android 11 Settings on my P4a5G also. Everything works now.
  6. Mk7user

    HVAC Feet Setting = no blowing air @ feet

    With the 95°+ heat wave finally breaking after 3 weeks, AC blowing up towards my chest & neck actually feel cold. So decided to set the vents to feet only. Noticed no air coming out towards feet. Only side vents. Is this normal ?
  7. Mk7user

    When is it too late to get a engine tune?

    My car just hit 40K+ miles in a little more than 3 years . Is it too late for me to join the tune fun? Would like to get into the 300+hp/tq range. Any hope for me?
  8. Mk7user

    MK7 OEM Items for Sale: Rear Tail Light Set & Side Mirrors

    SOLD Selling my 2015 MK7 OEM Rear Tail Light Set (2x inners & 2x outers) Clean condition with no cracks or scratches . Made one adjustment to them & installed DeAutoKey LED's into the Reverse lights. Else everything else is OEM & works. Just swapped to 7.5 rears, so I would like to send...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed 7.5 Euro Dynamic tail lights.
  10. Mk7user

    FS: OEM MK7 GTI wheels x4 (Richmond or DMV)

    SOLD Selling a set of stock MK7 GTI wheels. Wheels were switched out @ ~35k miles. The wheels are in really good condition with only 2 scrapes on same one wheel (see pictures) Otherwise, any no other deep gauge scrapes or scratches. Surface bleshmish you see are water spots or left over...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Car of the year on this board for sure.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    What depth did you purchase? 2.25"or some other?
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Nice. So what if I get a bunch of offer for loans & refi's. Thanks! UPDATE: DOESN'T WORK.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    ooooo - nice! <ears perking up>
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    Best way to remove surface scratch from Windshield?

    Was washing my car this past weekend & notice a surface scratch -not deep cut, cracked nor gauged - on the windshield about 2 inches going east to west right above driver's sight line. I tried to rub it out with a microfiber & some Invisible Glass but couldn't make any progress. What's the...
  16. Mk7user

    Passenger Window Squeaky Noise

    Maybe answered before but I am looking for a root cause & try to remediate it myself before bringing into dealer. When I roll my Passenger window up or down, it emits a squeaking noise all the way down or up. Not sure if something needs lubricated or the rubber surrounds need lubrication or...
  17. Mk7user

    Rattling Around Driver Door Window?

    Wonder if anyone has this problem: When driver door window is all the way up - there appears to be a rattling noise emanating from the upper part where the window meets the window frame. Now the moment I lower the window, the rattling goes away. So I surmise it is the Window not 'fitting'...
  18. Mk7user

    What did you do to your mk7 today? If I could, I would use the rinseless method year round.