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    GTI air intake

    Sorry for reviving a really old thread, but, since I started it, I thought it would be the right place to inform you about a new intake system for my GTI. The story goes like this. After getting an intercooler from a company based in Sweden, I was really impressed with it's performance in the...
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    Upgraded rotors/pads

    I finally installed the upgraded rotors/pads plus new tyres. Discs: Tarox F2000. Pads: Endless MX72. Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport 4. I'm still bedding-in the whole system, but the first impressions are excellent. The tyres are miles ahead compared to the Dunlop SportMaxx RT I had previously. The...
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    Inevitable upgrade.

    I had the first slightest slip of clutch in my (recently) tuned car. I expected that of course (63000km stock + 2000km tuned). I just bought the Sachs Performance SRE clutch disc + pressure plate with their CSC. Two days before I bought the CTS Turbo Billet Subframe Bushing Insert Kit and it...
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    They finally arrived!

    So, the parts I ordered are with me. Hopefully, I will have them installed Wednesday morning. Have a look:) And the icing on the cake:)
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    When parking....

    I'm reversing to the parking place while the car is still in working temperature. I don't want to add stress to the car when it's cold by reversing/maneuvering. Complete OCD here:o
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    greek kafeinio open! :)

    Pollus xairetismous kai apo emena! I would not miss this kafeneio! As a matter of fact, I am in one this very moment drinking my coffee! It would be great if some time we met in one speaking to each other! Fanis is close to me, we could meet pretty soon. Yiannis, I could get to Kefalonia this...
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    The Bruce?

    Agree, but there are way more irritating members which are not banned. He is a great source of information and a great loss to the forum. Would the moderators reply? By the way, he is still posting on the mk6 forum. What's different with the mk7 one?
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    The Bruce?

    It seems that nobody knows. Could the moderators answer to this? He never answered in bad manner. He was very helpful and is well informed in VWs. Doesn't this forum need this kind of contribution? If not, what's its purpose? Direct? I like direct too. Please, recall some "direct" members that...
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    The Bruce?

    So, what happened?? The Bruce only added his knowledge (great for sure) to the forum. Can anyone tell us why he was banned? This forum needs less information spread from his own members?
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    Coolant and intake temperature

    I plugged my Scangauge (OBD II reader) recently and found it interesting. While driving normally on a flat road, coolant temperature is around 100°C. Entering a city (traffic lights, low speeds, etc.) it's upping to 104°C. Lastly, the fan engages at 108°C and stops when the coolant reaches...
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    Ohlins R&T

    Merry Christmas to everyone! I just found out that Öhlins released their Road & Track coilover system! Great news, indeed. So, according to their specs the front springs are 70N/mm (as the mk6 version) and the rears are 50N/mm (60N/mm in the mk6). The Bruce wrote somewhere else that 70N/mm are...
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    HJS downpipe anyone?

    A question to every forum member owning a GTI. HJS has released a downpipe some time ago. Did anyone try it? It's a 3" and is ECE approved. At €1030 it is expensive but HJS is a reputable company which manufactures the best catalytic converters in the world. My question though is if it can...
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    Quantity of oil in GTI

    Ok, I just did the first oil change in my GTI. Although the latest generation (mk6) needed 4.8lt, I was...mildly shocked by the amount of oil needed according to the mechanics' instructions. 5.7lt!!! And it was true. After the filter change and running the engine for a while, my (lusty for oil)...
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    VAQ maintenance?

    A simple question to the dear forum members. The VAQ (limited slip differential) will probably need maintenance somewhere in the future. So, how far can we go before it needs it? And what is required to service it? Oil? Friction-producing parts? Lots of money? (although the last one is a given...
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    Lack of luck

    It arose from the abyss. Dreaded thing. You got it. Creaking front suspension. Probably the mount and bushing of the front-left suspension. I never (not exactly never) hear music in the car. I prefer the music of the engine. At ~300km over bumps with walking pace, it was heard for the first...
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    It's finally in my hands!

    Good morning to everyone! Yesterday evening was the exact point of day that I took delivery of my Golf GTI Performance Pack! Clearly excited as a little kid! Well, I have to make a big amount of settings in the infotainment system, but that's a secondary issue. The primal was to drive it. So, at...
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    3 door Golf question

    Hello everybody. I have ordered a 3-door Golf recently and I have a question regarding it. Can anyone confirm what kind of rear armrest is fitted to the Golf? I hate the 5-door one with these outrageous useless plastic holes in them (cup holder my...). I've also been told by the dealer that the...
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    GTI air intake

    Hello to all members! I've been long reading the forum and decided to join in (so I'm newbie, please be kind!). I just ordered a GTI Performance Pack and I would like to ask if anybody knows were is the air intake pipe. On the mk6, it was visible, just in front of the air filter box. On the mk7...