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  1. MK7GTiPP

    Locked Seatbelts

    Hey guys, I got into an accident and both of my seatbelts are locked into place. Anybody know what has to be replaced? Much appreciated!
  2. MK7GTiPP

    Golf R Bumper on GTi

    Will a Golf R bumper fit on a GTi? I know the mounts are the same. I'm mostly concerned about the exhaust being in the way. What are your guys thoughts?
  3. MK7GTiPP

    Honda Civic R

    I'm gonna go gouge my eyes out with a spoon.
  4. MK7GTiPP

    VCDS Software Compatible with MacBook?

    My coworker just lent me his VCDS cable. I own a MacBook and was wondering if it was possible to run the required software on my Mac operating system.
  5. MK7GTiPP

    Octane Boosters/ Fuel Additives

    What are everybody's thoughts on adding octane boosters (the kind you get at a gas station)?
  6. MK7GTiPP

    Windshield washer fluid?

    Which brand is recommended? I don't want to use something that will damage the paint/plastics on my car.
  7. MK7GTiPP

    Using LiquiMoly 5W-40

    Is it safe to use 5W-40 oil in the MK7 GTi? I have the 2.0L TSI MQB 3rd Gen Engine.