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  1. AXO

    Thought I'd share what I got after selling the mk7 R...

    Super Nice Car! I would have opted for the Camaro SS. Not as rare as your SS, but more my style..
  2. AXO

    How To Stance Your Car For Super Cheap

    Hockey Pucks????? Who does that?
  3. AXO

    China is notorious for copying OEM with a purchase price of a fraction of what OEM costs. Some of the items the construction is obviously sub par, some not. It is hit and miss, plus shipping usually takes forever!
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    The Grass is not always Greener on the other side. Just saying :thumbsup:
  5. AXO

    Man, what the fuck happened to this place?

    Lol, you've been busy!:23:
  6. AXO

    POLE - Dark or white turkey meat?

    White Turkey Meat smothered in Gravy! :drool::drool::thumbup:
  7. AXO

    Post pictures of your pet here!!

    Ziggy is now 15 months old! He was just weighed at the vet and weighs 84lbs! He is a Heffer!!!!!!
  8. AXO

    The Official Gun Thread

    My Glock 21sf and 26..... I am using a Glock 17 magazine in my 26. I get (18) rounds with one in the chamber! :word::thumbsup: I hate carrying extra magazines. I keep a couple in my glovebox. ;)
  9. AXO

    The Official Gun Thread

    My Rock River LAR-15 with Black Furniture.....
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    The Official Gun Thread

    Here's my new piece.... Oops How'd that get in there :drool::D
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    The Official Gun Thread

    I couldn't agree more! WTF!
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    The Official Gun Thread

    I think not! Unless you have some personal experience, I wouldn't beleive everything you read on the Internet! :thumbsup::word: 4 U
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    The Official Gun Thread

    SAFETY DEVICES GLOCK HANDGUN The weapon has no externally located safety devices which need to be actuated separately. All the safety or safety release devices function automatically. 1. TRIGGER SAFETY This is incorporated into the trigger (26) in the form of a lever, and in the untouched...
  14. AXO

    The Official Gun Thread

    Dafuq You Say? You always assume your weapon is loaded!!! Unless it is striped down. My Glocks (21sf & 26) as well as all of my firearms are always loaded with one in the chamber and ready to go. I am not saying you shouldn't store your firearms with the hammer in the forward position (well...
  15. AXO

    Ebay scammer

    Me thinks thair wuz no autoe korext :lol::bellyroll::clap::bellyroll:
  16. AXO

    Ebay scammer

    Thanks for the heads up, but you may want to proof read your post before hitting the "Quick Reply" button..........
  17. AXO

    The Official Gun Thread

    This is going to be my New Go To Home Protection Firearm. Its a Keltec KSG Shotgun. It holds (14) 2.75 shells with plus one in the chamber (15)! It is a bit on the pricey side, but who cares it speaks to me! It has two separate magazines, so one side can be Buckshot and the other Birdshot. I...
  18. AXO

    Sounds like APR is Going Down

    This is getting out of hand!!!