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  1. Ravenstyle83

    New Next Gen Bilstein EVO S Coilover Review

    Bilstein says their new "EVO S" for the GTI/R is a comfortable street coilover designed for more lowering and better durability vs the previous offerings. Further, the "EVO T1" is their track focused coilover, but currently do not offer the T1 for the GTI/R. Bummer. Anyone considering purchasing...
  2. Ravenstyle83

    EQT Balanced Line Coilovers Now Available!

    A2B Motorsport installed them and then reinstalled them. Supposed to be a reputable shop.
  3. Ravenstyle83

    I installed a lithium ion battery

    Anyone else install a lithium battery? Did you have to red code the VCDS? How has it been holding up? Any issues.
  4. Ravenstyle83

    Neuspeed Sport Springs Installed

    Here are the Neuspeed Sport springs and Bilstein B8 combo. One photo shows them on my stock wheels vs the other. No spacers
  5. Ravenstyle83

    Any Decent Looking Gloss Bronze 18x8-8.5 Wheels In Stock

    Superspeed wheels 18x8.5 in bronze and next photo shows them afterwards powder coated in gold. Both look great IMO
  6. Ravenstyle83

    Superspeed Wheels Any Input ?

    Had them powder coated gold. They were bronze before. Am from Wayne /Pompton Lakes area.
  7. Ravenstyle83

    EQT Balanced Line Coilovers Now Available!

    Mine were noisy despite every remedy ive tried. I have Bilstein now. Much less noise. A lot of people don't mind noise. I just couldn't deal with it.
  8. Ravenstyle83

    Who is on Bilstein B8s?

    Update since installing B8 Struts with Neuspeed Sport springs and new OEM strut mounts; after 3 months, it settled about a 1/4" all around. The front has a tight 1 finger gap and the rear is just over two fingers. Wish the front wasn't as low and the rear was a little lower. I came from EQT...
  9. Ravenstyle83

    Anyone running Fortune Auto 510 Coilovers?

    Not helpful if joking so thanks but no thanks
  10. Ravenstyle83


    Superspeed RF03RR wheels 18x8.5 et45 are about 18.2lb when I weighed them. Saved 8.8 lb per corner once mounted with 235/40/18 Continental Extreme Contact summer tires vs stock wheel/tire setup.
  11. Ravenstyle83

    Who is on Bilstein B8s?

    For my Mk7.5 GTI, I have the Bilstein B8 paired with the Neuspeed Sport lowering springs. Have about 2.5k on them so far. I initially sent them back to Bilstein because, once installed, the front would bottom out over medium to large dips and pot holes. I thought they were blown but Bilstein...
  12. Ravenstyle83

    Review: EQT Coilovers

    I also strongly felt the need to have my EQTs set at 3/4 from full stiff at the front because it was very slow to react or wallowey. Great ride but not sporty. The rears are only half way to full stiff. The car feels great the way it is right now. No more wallow feeling.
  13. Ravenstyle83

    Upgraded Front Lower Control Arms

    Have a 2020 GTI and love the car but never enjoyed the super soft stock suspension setup; so I did something about it. So far, my suspension upgrades include: a Eurocode front strut brace, H&R rear sway bar (25mm), and EQT coilovers w/camber plates. Lastly, I have these sexy Superspeed...
  14. Ravenstyle83

    Brake cooling ducts: Any interest?

    What's the deal with these? Any news?
  15. Ravenstyle83

    Review: EQT Coilovers

    My EQT coils when new, were making literally the same exact noise; a person had his EQT coils installed right after me also had the same noise. Had two shops look at it and no solution. After a while (3k miles) the noise just went away. It rides great too.
  16. Ravenstyle83

    Bear Mountain Runs (Ongoing)

    Clinton Road in West Milford, NJ (favorite road) and Surrounding area are amazing places to drive.
  17. Ravenstyle83

    Anyone Run the Whiteline Fixed Strut Mounts?

    I am looking to lower my 2020 GTI with either a EQT coilover kit or will instead purchase the Bilstein B8 Struts/shocks, lowering springs and a fixed camber plate. These Whiteline fixed camber plates are interesting as they also provide 1/2 degree of positive caster. My only concern is that I...