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  1. sbghms

    Videography Thread

    I know this is a photography subsection, but there is no dedicated videography subsection. I figured 90% of videos nowadays are shot on dslr's and M4/3's anyways, why not make the thread here? So, feel free to post up any videos you've made. They don't need to be professional, just as long as...
  2. sbghms

    Funny/Strange/Scary Craigslist Stories

    Well, as I was selling my bindings to someone off Craigslist today, I started pondering all the possible scenarios I could face. Thankfully the dude was normal and didn't try to fondle me. Post up any Craigslist stories you have. The only story I can think of off the top of my head happened a...
  3. sbghms


    0:24 N1ny11Z9kSU
  4. sbghms

    Survey: speeding tickets vs age

    Need a few results for a stat class. Just state your age and how many speeding tickets you've received. Thanks! Don't need anymore results but feel free to continue posting.
  5. sbghms

    Showoff Your Virtual Cars (Gran Turismo Content)

    Well, there's one for Forza, so we need one for GT. I really doubt anyone plays this game anymore except for me but it's so addicting. I'm at 70% completed so far in GT4. I think I have like 180 cars. Well anyways, whip out those old ps2's and plug in your USB's cause it's time to showoff.