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  1. andy_uranium

    If you had a budget of $65,000 for cars, what would you buy?

    Working on it now GTi mk6 w DSG for DD. 30k -have 87-89 911 Carrera coupe w g50 transmission 30k - looking for one 2000 silverado for hauling and projects 3k. -have
  2. andy_uranium

    Next Gen consoles

    Titanfall won't be exclusive for too long, it will be available on ps4 as well. Looks interesting.
  3. andy_uranium

    Alfa Romeo 4C coming to the US?!

    Headlights are at least a good five pounds. You don't need that.
  4. andy_uranium

    What's your (attainable) dream car?

    Late 80s 911. 20-30 grand.
  5. andy_uranium

    Every time a new iPhone comes out...

    I am finally getting a smart phone, a iPhone 5 s when they are released. But this looks cool. oDAw7vW7H0c
  6. andy_uranium

    2200hp Saleen S7 .. sweet Jeebus.

  7. andy_uranium

    The GunKat's Car Feedback Thread with POLE.

    Never said it was.. just that I was looking at getting one. My brother works for porsche so that helps. I want to do as much work on it myslef as I can. Honestly the air cooled cars are pretty simple, some parts are expensive and you definitely need to do your homework and get a pre purchase...
  8. andy_uranium

    The GunKat's Car Feedback Thread with POLE.

    I am personally still pretty happy with my GTI, it is a great DD, and fun when the opportunity arises. I haven't been on here as much as I am looking for a late 80s 911 at the moment as a weekend, DE, project car. I want something with character that I can work on and mod while not worrying...
  9. andy_uranium

    The Major Two Coffee Chain showdown

    Tim Hortons. End thread. Seriously though it is good. But when I want a fancy coffee I go to the roasting plant in downtown Detroit. Very good and very expensive coffee. They Roast the beans in his amazing clear acrylic vacuum tube system. I think ther is one in NYC as well.
  10. andy_uranium

    What to get your buddy moving away?

    Leatherman. Handy, seems like something an alaskan would have. Love mine.
  11. andy_uranium

    What are you listening to?

    also listening to Jon Hopkins Q04ILDXe3QE
  12. andy_uranium

    What are you listening to?

    boards of canada is reissuing vinyl.. awesome! so expensive to find these albums right now on vinyl
  13. andy_uranium

    Incredible Video

    Engineer with no arms..but a great attitude for life and what he can accomplish. Great role model. qiLDMBDPCEY
  14. andy_uranium

    Grambles Crossroads (House Building Thread)

    I agree, water needs to be treated with the same urgency as fire, it can cause a ton of damage. Not a huge fan of Oriented strand board for sheathing nor of that particular type of weep system at the base of the brick. I do realize they are part of accepted practice in the residential...
  15. andy_uranium

    Grambles Crossroads (House Building Thread)

    Hmm, interesting. We put the vapor barrier on the inside of the framing as the temp difference is greater in the winter here which will drive water vapor from the interior to exterior. Continuance of the vapor barrier is critcal here, interesting that it s only a partial vapor barrier.
  16. andy_uranium

    Zimmerman found not guilty, it's about to get real

    With these types of trials there are always two trials, the actual trial and the trial of public opinion. Sad part is the kid is still dead either way, the guy shot him, no one is debating that, procescution just couldn't prove intent. Lots of racial tension still in the US, these types of...
  17. andy_uranium

    Grambles Crossroads (House Building Thread)

    Funny how construction differs in different areas, in Canada you can't install brick less than 6" above grade, it has to be flashed and have weep holes. Looks like a good sized house. We also don't spray the framing like you guys do, with that green stuff, I am assuming that is for mold growth.
  18. andy_uranium

    New Xbox reveal today at 12pm CST

    Ps4 preorders are pretty much sold out....