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  1. ryan290707

    canon dslr help

    Looking to buy my first dslr camera. Already decided on canon over nikon, but im between 3 cameras now: t2i, t3i, and 60d. I've had a chance to look at them all and mess around with them. I like the solid feel of the 60d, but i'm not sure if it's worth the extra money over the t3i/t2i...
  2. ryan290707

    Recent Purchases Thread

    shitty pic, bianchi super pista
  3. ryan290707

    Recent Purchases Thread

    for the fixie
  4. ryan290707

    Post a picture of your pet.

    my 2 pups, they're awesome. sabre, 5 month-old german shepherd/greyhound (mostly) mix Riley, 2 year-old yellow lab they're bffs