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  1. GTI_NY

    trip to the zoo

    My first attempt at photography....
  2. GTI_NY

    gotcha bitch trooper bags a hand full of exotics
  3. GTI_NY

    marilyn chambers dies

    she was an adult film star and hosted alot sex shows on HBO and spice.
  4. GTI_NY

    shooting in binghamton NY, 12 killed, 26 injured

    my parent live 5 miles from here. This is the closest to home a massacre has occured for me. crazy world out there now
  5. GTI_NY

    getting married and need your help

    we are trying to think of a unique/funny way for the wedding party/bride and groom to be introduced at the reception. We are trying to come up with a entertaining song and skit. Our friends that got married last summer came out to eye of the tiger with giant boxing gloves on.
  6. GTI_NY

    F-ed up body/paint shop!!!

    i would die if this happened to me.