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  1. CadMan

    Dumb Arguments With Spouse/Significant Other

    We used to argue over a ton of little shit all the time... we don't anymore. Should be signing the separation papers in the next few days. Life is good again!
  2. CadMan

    Little things that make you an asshole

    I loosen the lid on sugar dispensers at restaurants and pour liquid onto salt shakers, just to give people the satisfaction of being able to bitch about something to the waiter or waitress. ;)
  3. CadMan

    Walking dead !

    With a name like Lizzie you knew that kid was going to be taking a blade to someone.... thank the writers it wasn't Judith!
  4. CadMan

    Officially Official NHL Thread, Finally.

    That was an awesome game... Leafs always win the first game of the year against Montreal and then Pffffffftttttt! This was a bad moment though when Parros's face hit the ice.
  5. CadMan

    Wife freaks out over not being able to go to the lake

    I am now 3 minutes and 40 seconds closer to death... :(
  6. CadMan

    Is this appealing to anybody on here?

    This happens because you have to pass tests to prove you can drive well enough to get a drivers license from someone authorized to do so, thus car ownership is enabled. Having good taste testing is not part of this procedure. Drivers licenses would be a rare commodity if it was. :)
  7. CadMan

    "Speeding doesn't get you there any faster"

    Don't know if petitions like this really work but I hope it is passed. Lots of interesting information on site don't know how true it is.
  8. CadMan

    New car club!

    No in Canadian: Take off EH!
  9. CadMan

    Your choice 65k n under

    5 minutes! Man I was married for 20 years I can take a hell of a lot more rejection than just 5 minutes worth. :lol: As for car... Finding a good used 911 that best fits the price restriction.
  10. CadMan

    What Tv shows do you watch?

    You have to watch: Shameless, Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Strike Back and Vikings. All very good shows, it is too bad that Spartacus was only 3 seasons. Walking Dead is also a good series and I am catching up now by watching the DVD's.
  11. CadMan

    real or fake?

    Hugely disappointed by this thread, not what I wanted to see. Was hoping for some headlight modifications at the least if you know what I mean. :D
  12. CadMan

    Next Gen WRX or STI at the 'Ring

    I actually liked this concept, might have even bought it. Don't think I can say the same about what they finally decided upon.
  13. CadMan

    Off-Topic Thread #4!

    Thanks it needed that! LOL!
  14. CadMan

    Off-Topic Thread #4!

    Not feeling too good about myself, someone slipped me the old sausage at lunch... and I liked it! It was a smoked Italian... very salty ;) Nohomo
  15. CadMan

    Renting Car and Traveling Europe

    Hmmmm... I would like to rent this. Rent a VW Scirocco R in Germany Inquiry Do you want to see VW’s next top model? Then you should rent the VW Scirocco R at Pegasus Exclusive Cars! On the market since late 2009 it immediately impressed us with its extremely sporty characteristics...
  16. CadMan

    Game of Thrones - SPOILERS based on TV Show ONLY

    I feel your pain, that was me too. i was ready to give up on Martin.
  17. CadMan

    Game of Thrones - SPOILERS based on TV Show ONLY

    Read all the books... Tyrion is the best character because of things like the beating of Joffrey. Also you can't tell who's side he's on and he is a deviant. :) Can't wait for it to start either. :)
  18. CadMan

    The Travel/Vacation Thread

    Most of the Eastern States and Vegas Bermuda England Wales Scotland Belgium Denmark Sweden Want to visit Scotland again and visit Ireland at the same time. Get the urge every time I watch Braveheart... Also want to go to Japan, Portugal and Spain.
  19. CadMan

    What is your dreamcar?

    I think something more simple but unique for me the FT565 HPA Motorsports 550-HP Scirocco.
  20. CadMan

    How many giants drive GTI's?

    6'5" 280 lb's... Most people say I'm big boned, especially the ladies. :D Most comfortable car I have ever driven with loads of headroom to spare.