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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I do have another MK7, I picked up a 2017 Golf Sportwagen 4 Motion, DSG with 9700 miles on it for 19.5k out the door. My 2005 TDI finally started to show its age at 174k miles, I needed a new daily because the TDI was not going to make it through the summer. Honestly no idea what I'm doing...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Bought another one. Debating getting silly with this one, or keeping it stock.
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    APR - Now Owned by Driven Performance (Dinan / Hurst etc.) Looks like APR has a new owner, same parent as Dinan and Hurst. Interesting developments ahead.
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    COBB Protuning - Dyno / E-Tune / 3rd Party OTS

    I know I don't own my GTI anymore but I'm still very active in the VW community, I figured I start this conversation on COBB tuning. Lets start a list of dealers who can "protune" using COBB, generally there are 3 levels. Dyno Tune - You get strapped to a Dyno and then tune the car live using...
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    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    WRX goes here:
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    gn4rwhals's GTI Part Out - JB1, APR Downpipe, Forge Twintercooler, P3 Gauge, etc.

    I recently traded in my MK7 GTI for a 2017 WRX, all part listed are in working order and fit on a MK7 GOLF/GTI. If you are interested in multiple items let me know and we can work out a deal. All associated hardware is present for these items as they were just taken off last week. JB1 with...
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    KESSY - Exploited, VW keys cloned.

    Was checking my local tech news and found this article. Owning a vehicle with KESSY, this does concern me quite a bit.
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    Lets figure out whats wrong with my car! - Theory / Wild Speculation Inside.

    Hello all, It's time for one of these again, since I have literally 1-2 people I can talk to in the local VW/Audi scene about car problems I figured I'd turn to the internet... I know this could be devastating and I could have cancer by the end of this. I'll start with the "power" mods...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I had the CTS Turbo one for a minute, not a bad piece but the noise got old (at least to me).
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    Garage Clean-out Sale - Performance Parts! - Intake, Downpipe, Turbo Pipes, DV's!

    Hello all, All parts listed are still for sale, will ship to the lower 48 only. If you see a few things you like PM me and we can make a deal. These parts have all ran on my car and are in good working order. Confirmed fitment on 2015/2016 MK7 GTI Models. Lighting Package Chrome Grill w/ cut...
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    Metro Detroit Area - GTG

    Hey guys, just wanted to start a new thread for this. Nenad and I were looking to get more MK7/VW owners to meet up once a week in a location that is central to all of Metro Detroit. I think we could get a good turn out if we can hash out a good meeting place, time, day of the week etc. So far...
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    Race Ramps - Anyone used them?

    I'm thinking about picking up a set of race ramps instead of jacking my car up every time I want to work on it. Has anyone used these or something similar to do work on any car? I have a feeling this would make a downpipe install a breeze.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Drove it stock for the first time in 2 years.
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    Unitronic Unlocked the 2016 ECU codes - Uniconnect+ supported.

    Just as the title says, looks like Unitronic got it all figured out. I'd still shoot them an email to verify your ECU code before buying.
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    Possible journey back to stock - Fun things happened today.

    I have been driving the GTI all weekend, I just got the car out of storage a few weeks ago and have been driving it on nice days. Yesterday and today I got to open it up a bit and admittedly the car did seem "slow" but that could be my mind playing tricks on me. So far I really haven't had any...
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    Eurodyne 2016 ECU Unlock Officially Released

    Since this is such a hot topic, Eurodyne has unlocked the 2016 ECU codes, just got an email from USP about it. USP also has the best price at the moment with the discount code MAR161 at checkout...
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    DIY Front Air Ram - My Thoughts.

    So I was looking at the new REVO intake kit with the carbon fiber front air ram, and I thought to myself I wonder how hard it would be to DIY something similar? ECS sells the lower stock intake portion for $25 If you notice it really should not be that hard to block that all off with high...
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    Downpipes and YOU! - Status Thread - Tune / Downpipe Brand / Spacer / etc.

    After many many discussions and even changing my forums signature, we still get the stray topic of downpipes and CELs. George suggested that we get a list going of what you are running and the status (CEL or no CEL) of your engine. I'll start: 2015 GTI - 42 Draft Designs Catted Downpipe with...
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    Smoking Tire REVO Stage 3 - GTI IS38 Swap Review

    Matt from the Smoking tire did a driving review of the IS38 GTI REVO Stage 3:
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    APR Tunes - Denso IKH24 Spark Plug Notice

    Found some interesting information today over at the 'tex, apparently this is APR's latest statement regarding their tunes: Source: Spark Plug Notice: APR’s performance software increases output substantially and as such, APR...