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  1. MeRP2S

    FS: Cobb Accessport for R/S3 *SOLD*

  2. MeRP2S

    FS: Cobb Accessport for R/S3 *SOLD*

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    FS: Cobb Accessport for R/S3 *SOLD*

    Hello everyone, I sold the Golf R and no longer need this. Fully unmarried and never got around to actually installing it on my R before I sold it. $500 shipped CONUS. Thanks. Available for pick up as well if you’re local to Tempe, AZ.
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    FS: Brand New do88 Intercooler *SOLD*

    This has been sold.
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    FS: Brand New do88 Intercooler *SOLD*

    Hello everyone, I’m selling a brand new do88. I’m selling the R so I have no need for this. $750. Located in Tempe, AZ. Buyers pays shipping. Save yourself over $150 from buying “brand new”. Make an offer, worse I can say is no.
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    (SOLD) FS: VLK-002 Accessport

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    (SOLD) FS: VLK-002 Accessport

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    (SOLD) FS: VLK-002 Accessport

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    FS: MK7/7.5 GTI ARM DP

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    (SOLD) FS: VLK-002 Accessport

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    FS: MK7/7.5 GTI ARM DP

    As title states, selling my ARM Catless downpipe. All the hardware needed will be included. $250 plus shipping. FIRM Located in Tempe, AZ 85281
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    ISO MK7.5 NAR LED Taillights

    Looking to buy a set of NAR LED taillights. Let me know how much you’ll let them go for.
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    (SOLD) FS: 2019 GTI Taillights NAR w/14k miles

    Hello all, I have a set of OEM LED taillights that came off my 2019 GTI. These are the LED NAR taillights so they are NOT the euro dynamic or euro LED taillights. These come stock on all 2018-2021 GTI/R. I upgraded to the euro dynamic taillights so I have no use for these anymore. Serve as a...
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    Euro MK7.5 Taillights Coding

    Hello everyone? Purchased one of Zero815’s harness but did Not come with any coding. Does anyone have the coding instructions on how to make the taillights work? Specifically with the rear fog light function. Thanks in advance!
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    E-Acca timeframe

    Apologies if this has been discussed previously but I have a question to those who have ordered from e-acca before. I’m looking into buying a trim piece however it says timeframe is 9-12 but I’m wondering if that’s days or weeks? Anyone have experience with purchasing from e-acca?
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    WTB MK7.5 NAR to MK7.5 Euro Taillight harness

    As the title states, looking to buy a harness to make the MK7.5 Euro tails with the dynamic turn signal to work. Has to be MK7.5 to MK7.5 harness. Ideally a ZERO815 product as his harnesses are outstanding. Looking to get a harness quicker while Zero is away. Otherwise I guess I’ll have to be...
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    MK7.5 OEM sequential drive side only

    Are you selling the harness?
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    Front Grille DRL (mk8 lookalike)

    Thanks so much for replying! I’ll give it another go tomorrow and try it out. As far as the cable routing. I’ll probably have to do that tomorrow as well and drill those holes too. Hopefully mine turn out like yours!